We all have those forbidden fantasy sex stories, right? One of mine really crosses the line.

Fantasy Sex Stories: My kitchen sink had been dripping and I finally noticed a puddle in my kitchen. There was a gentleman in our community, Ralph, that I know did repairs for so many of my neighbors. I called him immediately.  Ralph was a tall gentleman, with a small amount of stubble for a beard, big brown sexy eyes. He always a smile on his face. He told me “Good morning,” in his cheerful tone and went directly to his knees to look at my sink. His chest and biceps were ripped and visible through his tight t-shirt. As always, my panties got damp when I saw Ralph. What makes this so taboo is that I’d love to give Ralph the full, long, GFE-but he’s married and the Pastor of a local church. I still wanted to eat him alive.

I sat in a nearby chair and watched his tight jeans hug his tight ass. Suddenly, my mind wandered into fantasy: What if, I crawled up there next to Ralph and started rubbing my tight pussy against his nice ass? Then reached around to massage that huge bulge in his pants? Ralph would turn his attention to me, while I opened my blouse and exposed my hard nipples, perky, hard and so ready for his mouth, tongue and teeth. I would eagerly help him out of those work jeans and unleash that straight, upright, black shaft.  If only, I could begin to lick just the head until as I squeezed that delicious dick, a pearl of pre-cum appeared.

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