Stories about sex and maybe a new sissy boy

I moved into my new apartment just before I started working at PhoneSex Kingdom. My new neighbor Brandie and I get together at least once a week to talk and visit. She likes to hear how many men I have made cum in a day. LOL, she said for the longest time that she was learning vicariously. She knows I love taboo phone sex. Learning through Stories about sex that she had never tried, well she wound up teaching me too.

I will be blunt. I LOVE cock… and pussy, I love writing about my sexual adventures and “bragging”. I like to try new things. And as a phone sex operator, I learn a lot of things. In my current personal life, I enjoy an active sex life with an alpha male/ gentle Dom David and multiple ladies. But in the past, I have done a LOT wilder things from cuckolding my husband to owning a very teenage sissy boy, Philpot.

I have written about those all multiple times. But after 8 months of knowing Brandie, she found out about Philpot. And I found out she was really a man… or an adult sissy boy. And he, PJ, wants me to own him… her… He is a man. FULLY male mind you, and not always in a female mindset. He told me that he feels like he has a split personality.

 At times he is Brandie but most of the time he is PJ.

LOL, the man I thought was her roommate and lover. Pj does not want to fuck me. Brandie wants me to fuck her. Brandie wants me to own her. I have a baby girl named Karrie. A Brat named Britney. And I am Mistress to my harem of girlfriends that my Lord of Lust David is the sole male or recipient of our games.

I know what it means to own sissy boy. The needs they have. But NONE of my girls live closer than a mile away. So I am not sure if I want to own anyone that lives that close. I know I could give Brandie what she needs. But I have so many lovers and submissives now. I think I might ask my Brat if she wants to play with Brandie. Brandie and Britney LOL they would be such a fun pair. Ok. I will take her on a trial bases I have never owned an adult sissy boy. One that knew and wanted to be owned before, this is going to be fun. I might even write a blog about it LOL.

LOL,  Like I said the best phone sex is with me,

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