It wasn’t planned it just sort of happened….

I swear thats the truth….

But maybe….

Just maybe deep inside I wanted to steal him….

There’s this girl on campus named Becca Smith and she’s a total mean girl, two-faced, manipulative and always trying to one up all the girls in our class together. Somehow we always end up at least having a class together. This semester we both ended up in art history together (I needed to take a filler to keep myself as a full time student because I registered the day of the deadline), I feel like she does shit on purpose just to get under my skin.

I know she hates how everyone talks about how nice I am and how easy it is for me to talk to anyone. So when Becca started hooking up with Bret I knew she did it to ruffle my feathers. “Bret is sooo good in bed” She gloated and boasted in study hall to our study group of girls. I kept a smile on my face but I was really pissed! She’d caught us exchanging numbers before art history and I should have known then she’d go gunning for that sexy man! But I though ‘hey there’s no way she’d be that much of a bitch’ wellll I was wrong!

For a whole 2 weeks I listened to her gloat, saw her smile, and watched her put her tacky ass manicured nails all over him, she was pawing at him and kissing him with her ugly ass bubblegum pink lip gloss. Can you tell how much I hate Becca? Cause I can totally go on about her tacky ass wardrobe and her flabby muffin top! Oh lets not forget her tits she wears wayyyy tooo small of a bra so they are in your face! She’s like a cheap ass ho bag!


She was sick this week from class and me and Bret struck up a conversation. Turns out we were going to the very same party and so after class we started texting back and forth. When I got there in my new dress I could tell Bret had his eyes on me. So I baited him, I danced with him, and I let my hands brush all those places that I knew would make him hot….

You know what?

It worked!



You’ll need to call to find out all the dirty details of what we did together and then some 😉