I Busted Him Stealing Panties!

My neighbor is a carpenter, and he’s done dome odd jobs for me for cash a few times. he does good work and is willing to do them a bit cheaper. I didn’t think anything of leaving him in my home unattended. So he was setting to work on a project for me and I had an errand to run. I was going to be around and hour and then back home. I left him alone and came back a bit early, and what a sight I walked in on. He was in my bedroom, rummaging around in my panty drawer and putting a pair of my panties in his pocket.

He Had No Idea That I Had Plans For Him!

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I gasped when I saw him and he turned beet red. I couldn’t believe my neighbor was taking my panties like this while I’d trusted him alone in my house. And  then turned the tables on him and told him he was going to do exactly as I say or I’d tell his wife and maybe the cops too. The look of horror on his face as I threatened him was priceless. I loved putting the screws to him and making him feel humiliated and small. My panties still dangling from his pocket, he asked what I was going to do.

You Better Do As I Say!

I smirked and thought for a moment, and then decided if he liked my panties so much, he could try them on for me here and now. I told him to get undressed right this very minute and put those panties on. And while you were at it, put on the matching bra that was in the drawer next to them. put them on and prance around for me and then sit on the bed. He looked incredulous I was demanding these humiliating actions. But I was going to have fun with it if I was going to bother at all.

It Was Great To Make That Panty Thief  Sweat

I told him to sit on the edge of the bed and start to rub his cock through the panties. Get himself all hard and then pull his cock out and start to stroke it for me. He did as he was told, a stoney silence on his face. And he didn’t know what to think. He was getting into it as I stood there and watched him masturbating while wearing my bra and panties. His dick was starting to drip precum. And I was watching him pump his short, fat cock in his hand as he got closer and closer to orgasm.

That Little Dicked Fuck Was Getting Turned On

He looked a combination of embarrassed and turned on and as he was stroking himself. He asked if I was going to tell his wife about any of this, that she’d be pissed if she found out. I said as long as you finish jerking off and never again take any of my things. I’d keep it a secret . He huffed and puffed and soon shot a few drops of cum out on his own thigh as I laughed at him .I told him his dick was small and he was a premature ejaculator. It was fun humiliating him and making him blush. He wiped the cum off his leg  and got out of my underwear. And put his own clothes back on and hightailed it out of there. I doubt he will ever come back to finish the job I humiliated him so much, but it was fun.

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