It is heating up fast this year. Summer isn’t even here yet but the temperatures are that hot. That means sticky summer sex time is almost here! My big titties and pussy are so ready!

I love a dick sliding through my sweaty tits and making them shake. Sweat is running down between these sexy huge titties as his giant cock is using it for lubrication.

Of course, the sweat is also dripping off his balls too. As he is going in and out of my boobs, his balls bounce my tight stomach. The sweat adding to the whacking sound.

God, I love sticky summer sex so much!

My partner and I are both super sweaty and sticky. Of course, we are super turned on as well. But the heat is mostly due to the time of weather right now. Our bodies are sweating trying to cool us off.

Although, it is futile. We are so into the fun we are having that the heat isn’t going anywhere. And, that makes me so happy. Sucking all that sweat off his cock really makes me happy.

As he is finishing with my tits, our sticky summer sex moves to some amazing blowjob fun. As a queen cock sucker, I make men weak with my skills. He tastes so salty.

Yummy, I love the taste of sweat and precum during sticky summer sex.


Now, his balls are banging against the soft skin of my chin. The sweat is splattering all over me. He is moaning loudly as my tongue is massaging his cock.

Then, I take his balls into my mouth and suck all that sweat off. His little moans are making my pussy even wetter. Additionally, he is sliding a finger inside my pussy to make me cum.

Our sticky summer sex is going so well! Oh shit, that is nice right there. Don’t stop, I am going to cum all over your hand! He is close to cumming and doesn’t want to yet, so he pulls out of my mouth.

After I cum, he has me lick his hand clean.

He lays me back down. Then, he positions himself between my sweaty legs. His legs are sticking to my skin as he rubs his cock on my pussy lips. Then, spreading my lips, his cock works my clit.

After, a bit, he starts sliding his rod into my pussy. Nice and slow, he is inching into me. We are both sweating profusely now. The sheets are saturated with our juices.

The sticky summer sex is hitting my spot just like his rock-hard dick. Oh, yes, that it is! Oh, my, gosh, I am cumming again. He is loving it but still not ready to blow his load.

At this moment, he is reminding me of a couple of my callers.

During my hot phone sex, they love edging. We chat and get naughty during the call as they slowly stroke and work their cocks. Stopping if they aren’t ready to cum.

My current fuck partner is doing the same. Taking his time and enjoying my body against his. Soon, he is close and starts pounding my pussy. The sweat is flying everywhere as he finally blows his load inside me.

So, are you ready for some hot sweaty fun with me? Call me to play!

Sticky Summer Sex