Horny Stepdad’s turn

Stepfather pay pig – I knew it was wrong to think those kinds of things about your stepdaughter but I just couldn’t help it.  I still can’t.  Because I think about her in an erotic and sexual way more and more every day.  And I rationalize that if she never knows about it, no one will get hurt. 

No one needs to know how much time I’m spending stroking my cock and imagining her completely naked except for that sexy tattoo.  This is why I am now completely at her mercy. 

That sexy tattoo.  The one that started it all.  If she had never shown me that, I wouldn’t be thinking of any of these things.  Well, probably not.  Either way, I didn’t care.  I was becoming even more infatuated with her every time I saw her. 

And even though it was pretty clear that she was going to use me and humiliate me at every opportunity,  I couldn’t stop myself from wanting her more each time.  Little did I know just how much more of that there would be. 

I waited anxiously for her to contact me.

Every day I told myself that tomorrow I would tell her that this needed to stop.  That she couldn’t go on treating me like her personal bank account and tempting me with her perfect body. And that I was no longer going to be her stepfather pay pig. But I never did. 

Instead, I waited anxiously for her to text me and demand something from me.  Some days she didn’t text at all.  Those days left me feeling crushed and extremely disappointed.  The combination of lust for her and the power she had to control me was more than I could give up.

But other days, when I heard my phone buzz and saw her name come up, I was nearly euphoric. I knew that just for a little while, I would have her attention.  And she would be wearing something that she knew would make me weak. 

I knew what she would wear.

Something short and low-cut.  Somehow she knew exactly what I liked for her to wear the most.  And she knew that I was completely powerless to resist her and her demands.

This morning I was elated to see that my sexy angel had texted her stepfather pay pig.  It read, “Ugh, I’m going out tonight, and I don’t have anything to wear” As was typical, she didn’t even tell me exactly what she wanted.  She waited for me to offer it to her. 

I knew that she already had a closet full of sexy clothes.  Even so, I texted back, “how about we go shopping and get you something new and pretty to wear.” I added the winky face emoji, for some reason too.  

Stepfather pay pig – I was utterly powerless.

She didn’t text back for about ten minutes, and I was worried.  Maybe I didn’t say the right thing. Perhaps she didn’t like the winky face emoji.  Why did I include that?  Is it too late to change it?  I shouldn’t have, but I texted her again—this time making a lot of mistakes because my hands were shaking. 

“Hi, sweetheart.  Did you get my message?  Do you want to go shopping?” I was powerless when it came to my stepdaughter, and I could not resist her.  I was now wholly her stepfather pay pig, and she knew it. 

So much for playing it cool…

She kept me waiting for what seemed like forever.  But she finally responded, “Sounds great. I’ve already picked out a dress.  You can buy it for me this afternoon.” I tried to make myself wait to text her back, but I couldn’t do it. 

I replied, letting her know that we should go to the store as soon as possible. And immediately, I started fantasizing about what she would be wearing.  It was sure to be low cut and sexy.  I realized that my cock was rock hard already, just from thinking about it. 

Up next:

Do they ever get to the store to buy the dress?  Is it expensive?  Of course, it is.  And what is she going to next ask of her stepfather pay pig? 

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