Making you my pay pig – for real

Making you my pay pig –  I could feel your mind’s overwhelming need to please me and your body’s desire for mine. You were already looking to me for cues of what to do and how to behave. You were naturally submitting to me without even discussing it. I already knew that I was going to own you completely and you were going to obey, serve and worship me.Making you my pay pig now

You would gladly give up all of your power to me and sacrifice for me. Of course you had to know I would have the power and probably the inclination to hurt you very badly, yet in the end, you would beg me to take everything away from you. You have joined the ranks of sissy submissive men.

So, after giving this a lot of consideration, I presented my proposal to you. I do care about you and genuinely like you so I wanted to make sure that you knew exactly what you agreed to when I am making you my pay pig. I think that I was making you this offer just as much for my enjoyment as for financial gain.

Then I presented to you a list of rules that we would start with:

I own you, and you will always obey, worship and serve me. Everything you do, going forward, will be for my benefit.

  • After making you my pay pig, you will only call me Mistress Stevie
  • You will not quit or change jobs or make financial decisions without my permission
  • You will have all of your paychecks direct deposited to me, and I will give you an allowance that covers your household bills. Anything else you will have to ask me for.
  • You will immediately sign over or give me any savings accounts, investments, valuable possessions and anything else that I request.

Be prepared to beg for things you want and need — a lot.Making you my pay pig now

  • Proper begging position is on your knees, head down and naked.

We will not be involved sexually except for the following exceptions:

  • You will suck lick and bite my nipples whenever I tell you to.
  • You will eat my pussy and bring me to orgasm if you can whenever I tell you to.
  • I may have you please me with fingers, toys, and strap on dildos that are much larger than your little dick.

As part of making you my pay pig and owning you, your body is no longer your own.

  • I will own your orgasms because I said so.
  • You will not have an orgasm without my permission, and you will always beg for them.
  • You will edge yourself several times a day on a schedule that I will provide
  • Repeated accidents or willful disobedience will result in the loss of your privilege to touch your little dick, and you will be locked in a chastity device with me being the sole key holder.
  • Any orgasms that I allow you to have will require that you achieve them by stroking your cock with your hand.

You will not be involved whatsoever in decisions concerning my sex life

  • Furthermore, I will continue to have sexual relationships with anyone that I choose. However, you will be 100% faithful to me.
  • Furthermore, I may have you participate in my sex with other men, but it will not be a threesome situation. Your role will be to help and to clean up

After making you my pay pig, you will sexually serve anyone I choose, in the manner I choose without limits and hesitation

  • I may ask you to suck cock and submit to men who want to fuck you.
  • Their cocks will always be much larger than yours.
  • I realize that you identify as straight up until now, but I know that after some time you will get pleasure out of doing these things.

Next up – now what?


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