I wasn’t expecting to lose my virginity to my stepbrother on my way to college!!

If you haven’t read part one of this naughty story of my stepbrother and I, you should totally do that before starting this one 🙂

My stepbrother caught me off guard when he pulled my panties to the side and slid a finger into me. I let out a small gasp. When my stepdad asked if I was okay I told him I was fine and that the bump we went over made me hit my hip on the side of the door. He started talking about what I should expect in college and every once in awhile he would ask me a question. I did everything I could to answer him without my voice cracking or sounding breathless. My stepbrother found this funny and took the opportunity to slide my panties down my legs and dangled them in front of my face. I went to grab them from him but with his other hand he buried his fingers in my pussy even more just to see how far he could push me.

I felt Peter’s hard cock under my ass and decided to get a little bit of payback.  I leaned forward a little and pulled his cock out of his basketball shorts. Just before I sat back down he grabbed a hold of my dress and hiked it up so that when I sat back down his cock rested against my wet pussy. We had done this before but never in a situation like this!

I gripped my stepbrother ‘s cock and pressed my pussy against it on one side while I stroked him with my fingers on the other. My pussy was dripping wet so as I rubbed him up and down my virgin slit it began to coat his hard cock with my juices. He let out a little moan and I knew we were going to get caught if we continued like this. I reached forward and turned on the radio hoping it would mask any other noises that we made.

As I was leaning forward he grabbed a hold of his cock so that when I started to sit back down the head of it slid up into my slick pussy. As wet as I was from him fingering me my pussy didn’t resist very much. I pulled myself back up really quickly but he held on tight to my waist and started to pull me back down. He knew I was a virgin but he wanted to be my first. I knew that already, we had talked about it. I knew he wasn’t just protective of me with my boyfriends, he was jealous.

As he slowly pulled me down I could feel my virgin pussy stretching around his unprotected dick and knew we were not turning back now. Just as I was about two inches from taking him all the way, the car hit a big bump making me fall all the way down onto his lap. My nails dug into his arms and I let out a little grunt of pain. My stepdad asked if the door got me again and I quickly told him yes. Thank God he didn’t try to talk again…I wouldn’t have been able to form one coherent sentence at that point!

My stepbrother started pushing up into me and pulling back but with me on his lap, he had very limited movement. He gripped onto my hips and started moving me up and down nice and slow until my tight pussy adjusted to the size of his throbbing cock. Once I recovered from the pain I sat all the way down on his lap and began to fuck him myself. I couldn’t get over the amount of pleasure zipping through my body. His finger found my clit and began rubbing circles on it while I rode his cock. I had to keep my movements small but figured out how to make them faster without being noticed by my stepdad on the other side of the car.

My body started to explode into one of the most intense orgasms I had ever had in my life! As my pussy started to spasm on my stepbrother’s cock I felt him getting even harder inside of me. I hadn’t thought of what we were going to do when he needed to finish, I was just caught up in the moment. When he wrapped his arms tightly around me and tensed up I knew he was shooting his seed into my unprotected pussy! It felt amazing but at the same time, I was worried about getting pregnant.

We righted our clothes and did our best to look presentable just as we pulled up to my new school. I couldn’t believe that my stepbrother had just taken my virginity in the car on my way to college! I guess that day was just full of first times! He told me later that he wanted to make sure I didn’t give my virginity to someone else while I was away at school. He got his wish; he was my first….but definitely not the last!! That was just the beginning of not only my new chapter in college but also no longer saving my virginity…I can’t wait to tell you just how much fun I had after that!! Give me a call and we can share some hot ass stories together!!

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