When Gisele’s mom and dad got divorced while she just started  in high school it broke her heart. Her mom had found a new man and she wasted no time marrying him. This made Gisele act out and get into trouble both at school and in the home. While it broke her mother’s heart to see her daughter having such a hard time she knew she had to be firm with her.

Gisele’s mother knew all about being firm. Her own mother had to be firm with her as well. Both Gisele and her mom had good looks. No, make that great looks. Gisele’s mom knew guys would try anything to get into her teen daughter’s panties and she wasn’t having any of that.

One of Gisele’s favorite ways to rebel was to have her mom come home from work and catch her with a boy over at the house. The poor boys had no idea it was all a ruse. Not that they would have cared anyway. Just as her mom feared all they cared about was banging her teen  daughter.

To quash the problems at home Gisele’s new step-dad Darrel made her a proposition. If she would stop bringing guys home and acting out at school he would buy her a car for her birthday. Gisele would even get to pick it out! Within reason of course.


For several months Gisele stopped bringing guys home. She dotted her I’s and crossed her t’s. Her mom initially didn’t like the car idea, but now she was coming onboard with it. Her new husband had whipped her daughter back into shape!

On the eve of her birthday Gisele’s step-father called her into a room he had converted into an office. She was so excited. Was he going to show her some options on what car she could get? Was he going to make a “date” with her to go car shopping?

When she arrived at his office he told her to close the door and to come around to his side of the computer. She was so excited she sprung over with her ponytail bouncing around as she walked. She was wearing some very short-shorts. When she rounded the desk Darrel noticed her firm fleshy teen ass hanging out.

Darrel told her to have a seat as he grabbed the mouse to open a new window on the computer screen. There wasn’t any other chairs on his side of the desk so she figured he wanted her to sit on his lap. She sat on his left knee looking at the screen. Darrel grabbed her by her hips and repositioned her to be right on the center of his lap. This made her nervous, but like any teeny bopper she was more interested in the prize to worry about something so serious.

Eagerly she watched as he opened the web browser expecting to see cars at any second. Then a window popped up playing a video. It was a video of her in her room with one of the boys she had previously invited home. A cold chill came over her. Gisele’s mind began spinning out of countrol. How did he? Why was he? What was going on?

The video showed various clips of her sucking guys cocks, riding them, having them ride her, her masturbating with various objects; it was a compilation of everything sexual she had done since Darrel had moved in.

As the video played on she could feel Darrel’s cock growing underneath her. She went to get up, but he grabbed her and told her, “Not so fast.”

Darrel held her there for another minute before she managed to build up the courage and rage to ask, “What is this? Did you put a camera in my room?”

Instead of answering Darrel put a finger to his lips shushing her. Then he moved her slightly to her left and grabbed her hand placing it on his hard cock. She tried jerking it back, but he held it tight.

“What’s the matter, princess? You don’t want a car anymore?” He asked her coyly.

She couldn’t look at him she was so mad. This asshole broke up her mom and dad, and now he was going to blackmail her? Hell no!

Gisele seethed at him through clenched teeth, “I knew you were an asshole. How about I go to my mom and tell her you have been making sex videos of me? How about I tell her about you making me touch your hard cock?” She was sure he would see things her way. Wrong!

“Go for it you little prissy bitch.” Darrel said as he dropped the video they were watching into an icon labeled “The Shredder”. Then he continued, “I will just show her the spy cam videos I created with altered dates and times on them. Your mom will think you have been fucking boys and sending them home before she got off of work this whole time. She will be the one telling me I cannot buy you a car. She was ready to put you into an institution for troubled kids before I moved in. You should be thanking me!”

Her mind began to swim again. Was her mom really going to send her off to the funny farm? Would she believe her own daughter over her new knight in shining armor? Tears began to run down her cheeks. She brushed them away with her free hand not wanting to give Darrel the satisfaction of seeing her cry.

“Now, if you still want that car we are going to have to come to an understanding,” Darrel told her. “You are going to give me a blowjob – oh, don’t look at me like that, we both know you enjoy giving them – and once you are done you can drag and drop the videos into the shredder yourself. We will be even.”

Gisele looked at Darrel square in the eye and asked, “Will I still get my car?” She didn’t want to look at him, but she wanted to read his face. She needed to know if he was lying.

Darrel assured her, “Of course, princess. We will go and get your car first thing in the morning.”

“And I still get to pick it out?” Gisele clarified.

“Yeessss,” Darrel signed wanting to get on with the show.

Hesitantly Gisele twisted around as she slipped down to her knees. Darrel kicked the chair back a little to give her more room to work. Gisele reluctantly reached out and touched Darrel’s cock as if she had never touched a cock before.

Darrel quipped for her to go ahead, that it wouldn’t bite. Then he thought to himself, “Dammit. I shouldn’t give her any bad ideas.”

Gisele slowly toyed with his cock some more. Darrel was getting bored with her lack of excitement and reached down to unzip his pants. His cock strung out with the head only inches from Gisele’s mouth. Darrel could already feel her soft warm mouth covering his glands.

To her amazement Gisele found herself intrigued by Darrel’s cock. It was huge. A lot bigger than any guy she had ever been with. Not only was it longer than the boys, it was a lot thicker too. Suddenly she found herself wanting to grasp it with both hands.

Again she slowly reached out to touch him. But this time Gisele kneaded it once she made contact with his cock. It was so hard! Her hands barely made it all the way around his cock. There were inches of space between her hands and the ends of his shaft. Then it hit her. This was her dad!

When she suddenly stopped Darrel gave her some more encouragement. “All you have to do is suck on it for a few minutes. Once I cum you can shred the videos. Tomorrow we will go get your any car you want. With a pretty little mouth like you have I probably won’t even last more than a minute anyway.”

Tentatively Gisele lowered her mouth onto his glands. As Darrel watched his cock head disappeared into her open mouth, but not before he saw a big glob of precum run out of the tip. She was going to get a taste the surprise he had waiting for her in his balls.

Once her lips made contact with him he flinched. Then her tongue touched the head of his cock and he let out a long low moan. He was going to enjoy every minute of this.

Gisele started working her hands on his shaft while she worked her mouth on the tip of his cock. It felt great for awhile, but then he wanted more. He pushed on the back of her head until she had several inches of his dick inside her mouth. Now her hands were grouped together working him in unison with her mouth. He closed his eyes and leaned back in his chair. It felt as if she had his entire cock in her mouth.

After about a minute Gisele opened her eyes. Darrel was moaning and rolling his hips in rhythm with her. She looked at the computer clock. Several minutes had already went by. Liar! She closed her eyes again and began rolling her tongue all over the head of his cock.

Darrel was in his own little slice of heaven. With Gisele tonguing his cock head like she was he felt like he could blow any time now. But he had just one more thing he wanted from her. Gisele’s mom didn’t like deep throating his cock because she was an extreme gagger. He wondered how her daughter would do.

Gisele felt her step-dad pulling her head up so she released his cock from her mouth to see what he wanted. He took her hands off of his shaft and then pushed her head back down. Once she hit the same spot she was at before she put her hands on his legs to try and stop herself from going any further. Darrel wasn’t having any of that. He pushed her head harder until his cock head was pushing on the back of her throat.

At first Gisele fought him fearing she would throw up in his lap. Then she realized she wasn’t getting that feeling at all. She took another inch of his cock inside her mouth. She didn’t have to gag. She took another. No gag. Another. And she kept going until her nose hit into his stomach. While she was excited to see that she could throat a cock she was also in need of a breath.

As soon as Gisele got some air Darrel pushed her down again. “I’m gonna blow!” He exclaimed.

Gisele felt hot shots of cum shoot into her throat. She swallowed them down as they blasted into her. The swallowing motion felt amazing to Darrel. It was better than anal, better than vaginal and better than a blowjob. It was better than all three combined!

Once Darrel began to relax his hips and slump into his office chair Gisele backed up off of his cock.

“Okay, time to delete those files,” she told him.

Darrel looked down at his still throbbing cock, “Not yet, princess. I still see some come on there.”

When she looked down at his cock some cum was beaded on the tip. She bent down and licked it off before bouncing back up to grab the mouse. As his step-daughter dragged the offending videos from his desktop to the shredder program Darrel slapped her fleshy ass. He grabbed her and pulled her back down to his lap trying to align his cock with her tight teen pussy.

“No more!” She exclaimed. “We are even. Except that you owe me a car tomorrow.”

Darrel tried grabbing her again, but she squirmed out of his grasp and bounded out his office door. His wife replaced her at the door asking how things went with Gisele. He quickly pulled himself under the desk to hide his naked cock and told her things went great and that they’d go car shopping tomorrow.

“Thank you, Darrel. I don’t know how you did it, but you really turned that girl around.” Gisele’s mom told him.

“No problem at all,” Darrel answered back as he opened a hidden folder containing more videos of her daughter. “No problem at all.”

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