The Perfect Girlfriend Does Exist

After a long day of work, my boyfriend came home exhausted. He walked in the door, kicked off his boots, and flopped into his favorite chair. I could see how tired he was and knew I had to do something to make his long day end on the right note. First thing I did was grab him a beer from the fridge, crack it open, and bring it to him. Then I started to massage his shoulders. As I was digging into those tense muscles, I knew a little bit of steam would surely relieve some of that stress. So, once he finished his beer, I started to strip him down in the living room. Then I took him by the hand and led him down the hall and into the bathroom. I knew that some steamy shower sex was exactly what my boyfriend needed after a long, hard day.

Get that water running!

When we got into the bathroom, I walked over to the shower and turned it to its warm setting. Though my boyfriend was tired, I saw his cock start to get excited as he pieced together my pleasure plan. Then I grabbed a couple of our softest towels and threw them into the dryer so the warmth of our steamy shower would follow us all the way to the bedroom. When I came back into the bathroom, I saw my boyfriend admiring his cock in the mirror. There is no shame in that. I admire his cock too. I walked over to him and wrapped my hand around that thick meat.

What’s hotter? Me or the water?

Then I started to kiss down his neck and begin stroking him. I love to relieve my man. The way his chest glistened in the steamy bathroom made me want him even more. His cock was throbbing in one hand as my other was starting to undress myself. I made him get into the shower first. He watched me as I slid the straps of my black bra off of my shoulders and let it drop to the floor. My nipples were already rock hard and bright pink. As I slid out of my panties, I saw him bite his lip. I knew he wanted this steamy shower sex just as much as I did!

Dripping Wet

I stepped into the shower and shut the glass door behind me. The water temperature was perfect. It was neither too hot nor too cold. Then I wrapped my arms around my man and pulled him close. Our wet bodies started to grind against each other as our lips connected passionately. This wasn’t going to be a slow sweet fucking shower session. This was going to be hot, hard, steamy shower sex. We were going to get messy as we were getting clean. First messy move was giving him a sloppy wet blowjob!

I dropped to my knees and took hold of that hard cock again. As I guided him into my mouth, the shower water poured down my face. The sound of my sucking was amplified throughout the bathroom but the sounds of his moans were even louder. I had my tongue all over his shaft and balls. I edged him over and over again. In his mind, he thought our steamy shower sex would be cut short with an oral edging orgasm. Then, as I edged him a final time, I stood up and turned around.

Steamy Shower Sex Is Best

My breasts were pressed into the glass door and my knees were slightly bent. This was my way of telling him that I needed his cock inside of me. I felt his strong hands grip my waist as he planted his feet firmly into the shower floor. He teased my pussy lips with the tip of his cock before deciding to turn the tables on me. I felt his body start to slide down where I was just moments before. Then, his tongue pushed its way right into my tight, wet pussy. I let out a gasp as he licked me from my pussy to my ass. I didn’t realize what a perverted ass lover I had started dating, but I loved it!

Shower Me in Cum

After edging me and refusing to let me cum on his tongue, he knew it was time. I felt him stand up again behind me and the tip of his cock start to tease me again. Finally, I just pushed back into him, forcing his cock inside of me. After only a few thrusts, neither of us could hold ourselves together for any longer. We came as one. He finished inside of me as I tightened and squirted all over his cock. Crazy to think our steamy shower sex led to us having to take another real shower just to clean off. When we finished, I wrapped us in our warm towels and we made our way to bed. I can’t wait to wake him up with another orgasm to start his day!

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