Steamy Shower with Friend’s Married Brother

So my best girl friend and I are a naughty pair, we love to get our slut on together. We share the same days off and she has a condo in a vacation beach town in Washington. Being two single hot cougars in training we like to prowl this new territory together and have lots of stories we share of our adventures. My last erotic shower encounter there though I can not even tell her about and I have to share it somewhere.

Last week we took off to the condo like usual, hit the local bars our first night in and partied like rock stars. it was at the bar she got a text from her little brother, Andy. He was having problems with his wife and needed somewhere to crash until the storm blew over in his marriage. She invited him to come stay at the condo with us and we went on enjoying our evening. When I rolled out of bed the next day, Andy was already there. Kara and Andy were having coffee on the patio and I joined them. She was comforting her brother telling him to relax and enjoy the beach, he and his wife would work it all out.

I agreed with her and we all planned a beach excursion for that day.

Slipped on a little white bikini and sarong and grabbed my beach bag and we were off. I had never met Kara’s little brother but soon found he was  very charming and playful. We made small talk about the weather and pretty soon he was daring me I was too not daring enough to go out deep in the cold Washington waters. I am always one to rise to a challenge so it was on. We were soon wading deep in the frigid waters, splashing and taunting each other. I had to keep reminding myself it was my best friend’s married little brother and tone down flirty slut side (which is not easy for a girl like me!)

At one point when I was swimming away from him a wave caught me and undid my little bikini top.

It popped back up in the water a foot away from him and he snagged it. I jumped up in protest, realizing my big titties were left the veil of the water I grabbed them and covered them. I play wrestled him, one-armed, to give me back my top.

“You can have it back if I can see those beautiful tits one more time.”

“Your married!” I exclaimed with false insult.


Nervous about the door I was opening, I glanced back to the shore. Kara was sunning on her towel listening to music oblivious to the exchange occurring between her brother and I. Quickly I full on flashed him my breasts, my tits jiggled as they were set free from the protection of my arm and I blushed. I snatched my top and started back to shore, trying not to encourage a situation that would just get my ass in trouble.

Back on the beach, I settled in to sun bathe too, and tried to ignore the intense attraction Andy and I had for each other. We stayed about another hour, keeping all exchanges very cordial, before heading back to the condo. We when got back, I felt nasty from the salt water, sand and baking in the sun so I went to the guest bath to shower. I slipped out of my bikini and started the shower, the hot water began steaming the little room and I knew it would feel so good to let it run all over me. Then I stepped in and shut the shower door, enjoying the hot water cascading all over my naked body. I let it run for a couple of minutes, just letting the hot droplets run down my back.

I heard the bathroom door open and figured it was Kara, I had bought a new body butter to try after being in the sun and she had wanted to try it as well.

“The new stuff is one the sink,” I called out without even looking. No answer, then the shower door opened. Andy was standing there buck ass naked with a hard throbbing cock pointed right at me, my pussy tighten and throbbed as well. “What are you doing?”

“Shhh, Kara is on the phone. You know how she is when she starts gabbing. We both want it, let’s just get rid of this tension between us.”

I could not even argue, because he was right. I just nodded. He entered the shower with me and came up behind me. Andy started kissing my shoulder and neck. I felt his hard dick thumping my ass cheek as more blood pumped in to it.  Then I raised my ass and spread my thighs, asking for him to penetrate me. I wanted to feel him slide in my pussy so bad. He slid his cock up and down my ass, I responded by lifting and spreading more, aching for him to just ram that dick in me. He took the head and slide it around my pussy slit, teasing my fuck hole. Just as I began to moan he thrust himself deep inside me. Oh the sweet pleasure as I tightened around him. He grabbed my slick hips and began pumping into me hard.

I tried to brace myself on the wet shower walls and he keep thrusting deep and strong.

As I leaned into his body wanting more, my drops flew of my bouncing boobs. The hot water was cascading off our joined bodies. He reached and grabbed one of my slick tits and gently pinched the nipple. Spasms went through me as I came hard on his already drenched dick and he in turn shot his load deep inside me.

When we emerged from our erotic shower excursion. We found Kara just ending her call on the patio. She smiled at us oblivious to what had just occurred and said “Oh good, you both have showered already”. I smiled pleasantly, secretly hoping she never finds out I fucked her married little bro.

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