In addition to everything else, sometimes, I get an urge for steamy lesbian sex. This is how I met Amy’s pussy….

I love coffee shops and frequent quite a few in my area. Yesterday walking down the block from my house, I spotted a cute new one. Excited, I decided to try to for my daily morning coffee fix. I entered a small, intimate-like scene that reminded me of an over-decorated sexy living room.

I was feeling naughty; however, I calmed myself to receive my morning elixir.

The coffee bar was nicely decorated that I couldn’t help floating over to the counter for my favorite beans. My americano with cold sweet foam arrived faster than I thought, which was great because I started to get cranky; I’m evil without coffee.  However, that’s when I noticed a beautiful, petite woman with a head full of red curls.

I immediately became wet and slightly flushed with lust. She had me so steamy. My Kinky mind went wild with sheer delight. I went by the pickup window closer to where this yummy girl was and locked eyes with her. She smiled, and I watched her cherry red lips part to uncover beautiful white teeth. I wondered what her other lips parted would look like…I introduced myself and asked her to join me for a cup of coffee.

After a brief chat, I told Amy I wanted her to come by, but I had steamy lesbian sex on my mind.

She arrived around 9 pm at my house. She had on a short leather jacket, fitted long-sleeved dress, and thigh-high boots. I felt immediately felt turned on, but above all, kinky and excited. She really was beautiful, and I could not wait to get her out of that dress. After a few drinks, snacks, and chatter, I decided to make her my snack. I went to pull Amy closer to me, and she, without hesitation, came into my arms and cuddled her warm, soft body to me. I led Steamy Amy into my beautifully decorated bedroom. She started kissing me deep, soft, and wet. I ran my fingers through her soft red curls and down her round, tight ass.

Taking off her dress, she revealed light blue thong panties with a push-up bra to match.

I pulled her bra and panties off and admired how wet and shiny her pussy lips were. Pulling her towards the edge of the bed, I gently started to suck on her lips below. I slurped her juices up and swallowed her juices up, and could not get enough of her. Gently pushed two fingers inside of her, quickly finding her G-spot. I massaged it to get more of her love juice to spill between my lips. I felt it, creamy and sweet entering my mouth, and I made sure I swallowed it all.

My mind was obsessed with entering Steamy Amy’s lips with my 7-inch Strap on…for steamy lesbian sex.

I felt so kinky and caring at the same time. Making slow passionate love to her had me on edge, but I also wanted to slam her deep and hard. Doing both sounded even kinkier! I had put my 7-inch strap by my bed earlier to be super accessible to our fun. Slipping my strap on and spreading her legs very wide, wrapping them around my waist had me dripping. I then slowly glided the head of my dildo up and down her pussy crack. Her pussy lips were so slippery as the strap was guided into her love hole. Stroking her so deep and slow was all I wanted to do. Ohhh, It felt so good.. and sounded so juicy as I ground in and out of her. Pulling on her ankles and wrapping them around my neck, getting deeper and faster, was my current goal.

I wanted her to cum on my dildo for me…moaning, “hmmm, I want you to squirt on my dildo”!

Stroking harder and faster for her to cum all over it, and when she was about to cum, I changed my mind and wanted to swallow it instead. Quickly I pulled out and sucked out all the cum she squirted out. I wanted more, feeling a bit hungry and greedy.

Steamy Amy then instructed me to get on my back so she could taste the sex juices that are now running down my thighs. She pulled my pussy lips apart and started sucking and slurping, making sure she gets every drop, not missing any of my hot cum. Steamy Amy told me I tasted like peaches, and she wanted more. Amy then sucked and licked just on my clit, hitting all my nerve endings driving me insane with pleasure. I felt myself going insane, and a stream of cum shot out on Steamy Amy’s face. I then got up and started licking my cum off her lips and cheeks to get every naughty hot drop.

Steamy Lesbian sex with sexy Amy is where I need to be.

This beautiful sexy creature laid on top of me and scissored me with her wet hot pussy and clit. After Cumming about two more times, I laid in her arms, tonguing her down so we can both taste each other’s juices. Above all, I knew that steamy Amy would be a new sex addition for me, and I really loved it. I wonder if she will play with me and my sexy big cock current boyfriend? Stay tuned for a rocking threesome.

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