Check out part one about my secret sex dungeon if you want to know how I got the milking machine in the first place.

Milking Machine: – My slave looked up saw my new device a few feet away from him. He looked confused and then looked back at me. I started petting him like a cat and said, “It’s ok, dear. This is going to make you into a real man”. I told him I was going to get all his boy batter and drain those balls dry. He seemed to perk up to the idea and poked his ass out a little further out for me to take over. I proceeded to plug in my new machine while never breaking eye contact. The raw desire that came from his intense stare intrigued me. He knew I was going to drain him completely dry of all his man juice.

I positioned myself in the back of him to give him a nice pegging.

Slowly, I inserted it just halfway into his Man pussy so I can massage it against his prostate. I wanted to warm up his Male G-spot and make sure it expanded and become ripe for me. He moaned so loud I thought my cat was going to run out from her hiding place and see what’s going on! He was my complete, hungry bitch now ready for a good milking only I could give him. I was getting so juicy that I felt my pussy quivering with sheer delight and lust.

My secret new slave knew what was coming and started to turn a bit pink and slightly shiny. “Are you getting nervous, you little bitch”?!  He said, “No, Mistress Astrid, I’m just nervous.” I again started to pet him and reassure him that his new job was to let me drain him dry of all his boy juice this evening. If he does a great job, I will let him spend the night, give him some water to replenish, and drain him again in the morning. I need to see how much fun my new toy is, and he will be my first guinea pig.

The milking machine has warmed up, started to purr, and was ready to be used.

After milking his prostate, I saw that his cock was very erect and veiny. I quickly jumped off of him and inserted his cock into my machine. My milking machine was square and made mostly of glass. It has a compartment in which I can insert the penis, and it milks and pumps out cum directly from the cock into the glass casing. It also has an attachment where I can insert the balls to squeeze and release for maximum output.

I Have 5 settings for the intensity of the milking, almost like milking a cow’s udders. I decided to go easy on him and placed the machine on setting one. He started slightly shaking, and I can see that his cock was being pulled and milked. A little cum starting spilling into my machine, and I could not hold in my excitement! I started Milking his prostate with a nice butt plug that took out for this special occasion. It was medium but curved so it can target his happy place. I started slow, then faster and deeper. I wanted to provide sheer ecstasy to get all the love juice out.

To my excitement, more cum came leaping out of his cock.

I kept going more forcefully and deeper, riding the wave and his ass. He slowly gushed out one cup of man juice into my machine. I knew He could give me more. Of course, I was feeling a bit greedy, horny, naughty, and very worked up! I thought I was going to explode. Then I did! I felt the cum streaming down my inner thighs, hot and wet. I did not bother to wipe it up because I was on a mission to get at least 2 cups from him. He was in great shape, so in my kinky little mind, it could be accomplished.

I felt him quiver again, and he started moaning very loud again. He then gushed out at least half a cup! He was done, and I knew from that point that I was not getting anymore from him tonight.

“I will be seeking a new Slave to put on my milking machine.”

The butt plug sprang out of his ass, and I took his now flaccid cock out of the machine. I truly felt like a cat licking her paws in satisfaction. I told him he could shower, hydrate, and then get the fuck out. He looked a little hurt but then turned on. I’m sure no one has used him like that before. However, Mistress Astrid is different and will be seeking a new Slave to milk until I’m delighted with my new kink.

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