My secret sex dungeon is my sexual escape from a rather boring vanilla life. I have quite a collection of playthings that I have collected over the years. One of my most prized items is my milking machine. It’s a design that I came up with myself, along with one of my slaves. He assembled it and lovingly presented it to me the night before. I stared at it in all its magnificence.  I immediately became moist, thinking about all the cum bucket slaves I will put to the test to milk to my liking. The one that pleases me the most will be my special pet, of course.

I had a date tonight. Some tall, cute, successful guy I met while picking up my lunch. I dropped my glove, and when I bent down to pick it up…there was a subtle glimpse of my garter belt supporting my stocking. I felt the male eyeballs staring so hard. Little horny boys were ready to drool at a glimpse of my bare, soft skin. However, I chose to lock eyes with a cute, geeky engineer guy—the shy one with the hard-pressed khakis and designer eyewear. I saw the imprint of the hard-on he was trying to hide but simply couldn’t. I instantly became aroused, thinking of how I can try out my new machine..hmmm, life is good.

He booked a date and was due to come to pick me up at 9 pm.

However, I was not going anywhere, and he will discover neither was he, he would get a first-class ticket to my hidden place. He was prompt, arriving right on time. I let him in and poured him 50 yo scotch to loosen him up a bit. I like to spoil my future unsuspecting slaves in the beginning, you know, fuck with their head a little. He commented on how beautiful my flat was and that he wanted a tour. I loved how he was falling into my little trap and couldn’t wait to have my way.

I led him to my basement and immediately opened the door to my beautiful, secret sex dungeon space. He seemed a little shocked and a little apprehensive. Smiling, I slightly licked my red shiny lips, and he seemed to forget all his fears. Once I knew my coyness had taken him, I led him to my decked-out boudoir, where I have a huge silk-adorned king-sized bed. I only use this room for special occasions, of course.

My secret sex dungeon was ready for my new slave!

I looked over to my new slave and demanded he strips naked. With pure glee, he took all his clothes off to display a slightly above-average body. A little gut, but I like that. I told him to come to me and make me cum. He put his cock in his hand and started walking. But I stopped him and instructed him to pull off my pretty red silk panties. He then dropped to his knees and started licking my wet, warm pussy. Making sure he licked my sensitive clit gently, making it cum hard and drip a little.

I told him to wait in my silky bed as I get more comfortable.

I came out topless with my red panties back on, carrying a silk bag. He asked what was in the bag, to which I replied, “ a special treat.” He got so hard I could see the precum mingling on the head of his now very hard cock. I suggested he turn around and close his eyes. At this point, he will do whatever I say. He complied with my wishes, and I slipped on his special treat—a 6-inch strap black shiny dildo. I rubbed lube on it and decided to surprise him…he could take it!

I bent him over and started rubbing it on his now winking asshole. He gave a little resistance at first but was so turned on and wanted a little pegging. Without hesitation, I grabbed him by the back of the head by his hair and slowly slid my trusty dildo in his tight little ass. I felt myself start getting so wet while I was pumping inside him. I started matching his moans of pleasure and finding his rhythm. However, I wasn’t fully satisfied, was I? I did not get a chance to play with my milking machine. I told him to stay where he was and rolled it in the room so fucking horny!!!!

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