Not only did I have steamy hot tub sex, but I indulged in a little bit of exhibitionism too!

I had steamy hot tub sex with someone else in the room! I was at my ex’s house (boyfriend at the time) and his older brother was there. His older brother was probably like ten years older than me and oh so fun to tease! I loved making his womanizing older brother want me in front of him. A nice little reminder that I was too good for him and that I could do better. Like I was with him for charity, I kinda was. Anyways, his older brother was living with them so that he could generate enough money to pay off his drunk driving suit. I loved that bad boy shit. He was a party boy too. He did and dealt so many drugs.

It’s no wonder my boyfriend was the type to be snorting Percocet in the bathrooms during our lunch break at school. I went over to his house shortly after valentines day. They had this hot tub on their porch which was super cool. I, of course, did not have a swimsuit, but his parents were gone so I just went in my neon rainbow bra and panties. His brother was laying on one of the lawn chairs on the porch, getting high as usual. I made sure that when I got in, I gave my boyfriends older brother a good, clean, flash at how hot I was. Slowly sinking into the water while smiling at him. my boyfriend and I messed around in the hot tub, teasing each other, wrestling and making-out.

Before we knew it, his older brother passed out in the sunshine.

Or at least seemed to have fallen asleep. His eyes were closed for longer twenty minutes and he wasn’t interacting. My boyfriend pulled me up on his lap so that I straddled him and the making-out grew more intense. I felt him growing hard between my legs. He slid his hand in my panties and began to finger me while I began rubbing his cock over his swimsuit. He grew harder and harder. Then he began to unhook my bra and I protested. His brother was right behind us! He said that his brother was fast asleep and wouldn’t care either way, so I let him proceed to take my bra off. My tits fell out and my bra hung from the edge of the hot tub. I slid his swimsuit down and out popped his unimpressive cock.

He slid my panties off and flipped me around so that his back was to his brother and my back was pressed to the edge of the hot tub. I could see his “passed out” brother as my boyfriend wrapped my legs around his waist. He slid into me and began to thrust. I watched his high as fuck brother peek his eyes open a tiny slit. I panicked a little, but he seemed more interested than upset. Our little adventure just got a whole lot more fun for me. I began to play it up a notch and my boyfriend enthusiastically followed, thinking that I thought he was such a king. My eyes, unwavering, were fixed on the eyes of his older brother, which were now wide open. This was my kind of steamy hot tub sex.

He stared back with red eyes and looked nervously at his crotch.

Oh my god! He was rock hard. I moved a little to the side so that he could see my perfect wet tits hanging. My boyfriend, oblivious, pumped harder like the sex horse that he thought he performed like at this point. I always liked older guys better. His brother got this dark look on his face and slowly reached under his shorts and began rubbing his cock. I smiled one of my devious smiles and only moaned harder. My boyfriend would totally tell all his friends how great steamy hot tub sex was and how he was a total god. He came as quickly as my boyfriend and threw a blanket over his crotch so my boyfriend couldn’t see. I laughed and my boyfriend couldn’t figure out why, and I didn’t ever tell him. Then he passed the fuck out for real. And my boyfriend and I dried off.

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