Pete is an amazing guy. He is sweet and all about celebrating our special days. Especially our anniversaries. Of course, he loves taking me out to a nice dinner first for our steamy anniversary date.

Then, coming home for the lovemaking fun. He will have candles and rose petals all strewn out through the house. I absolutely love our dates and the fun we have once we get home.

However, this year, I am giving him something special. When we arrive back at our house, my friend Jenna will be waiting for us. She is going to make this night even more special. We are going to have a naughty threesome.

Our steamy anniversary date is going to be even hotter this year.

He is open-minded and loves my kinky style. Of course, he accepts me as I am and that is what makes us work. Additionally, he loves our Sensual Morning Sex. I can’t wait until tomorrow morning with Jenna here too.

As we are walking into the house, I am blown away by how beautiful it looks. He has outdone himself this year. We are making out as we walk back to our bedroom and stripping as well.

Oh, what a wonderful steamy anniversary date this is. When we walk into our bedroom, Jennay is laying on our bed in her sexy lingerie. Pete is looking at us with a confusing look as I explain my anniversary gift is a threesome.

Pete is glowing with excitement as he is realizing he gets to fuck us both!

And, watch me fucking her too! I climb on the bed with Jenna and we start making out. Pete is standing at the side of the bed stroking his cock. We are admiring his large organ as we explore each other.

Slowly, he climbs toward us and we welcome him into our fun. I can feel his heart beating as he is touching my body. Wow, he is loving this even more than I thought possible. Jenna and I go down on his dick.

This steamy anniversary date just hit epic level. Pete is moaning loudly as we suck his cock, balls and lick his asshole. My pussy is dripping wet as Jenny moves to work on it. Pete is even happier to watch that.

His cock is leaking precum like crazy.

Oh, my, God, she is hitting all my spots and I am cumming already on her face. She moves from my cunt up to kiss Pete and let him lick my juice off of her face. That is more than he can handle and Pete blows his load into my mouth.

The three of us are making out as we continue and soon, Pete is ready to enter one of us. I tell him I want to see him fucking Jenna. He is hesitant at first, however, he concedes and lets her climb onto his rod.

He is loving this steamy anniversary date. Soon, she is cumming and so is he. And the fun is just starting. Want to hear more you have to call me for that. In fact, if you are craving the details of my nympho MILF lifestyle, call me for the best Phone Sex ever!