Lazy mornings in bed are so relaxing and casual. Of course, it is even better when I have a hot guy in bed with me. Slowly waking up next to each other, both of us horny and ready for some sensual morning sex.

Of course, I am a master in The Art of Seduction and my lovers get all the benefits of my amazing skills. I love using not only my body but my sexy lingerie and silky stockings. Then, taking my guy right to the edge.

Although waking up, I sleep naked so those tools aren’t available. However, my exquisite body is all I need to make his morning complete. As we are both still in the in-between stage my hands start roaming his body.

And, my partners are always ready for sensual morning sex!

Of course, they are, they are sleeping with one of the finest women around. And, the kinkiest to boot! I love all things naughty and sexual. I am a naughty nympho MILF. It is almost impossible to be satiated.

I go through sexual partners as most folks go through underwear. Probably even more. I tend to get find my fuck buddies boring after a bit. Unless they are packing a giant cock or have incredible skills.

Of course, for our sensual morning sex, I am the instigator and it is more about my skills now. He just has to be able to follow directions. Hahaha, mostly. Just to clarify, no one with a small dick will be in my bed.

This diva is definitely a size queen!

All the men I am sleeping with, and they are many, are packing nice peckers. If I come across men with tiny dicks, they are good for cuckold and SPH. Nothing else. And, when I am waking up, I truly need a big hard cock.

My golden lined pussy is craving the best and that is what I get. Rock-hard and ready to delve deep inside my tight kitty. Meow! Of course, passion in the morning can go in many ways.

That is why is called sensual morning sex. We are in between being awake and asleep. If we are spooning, it can start with kissing on the back of the neck. His hands moving down my back as he is exploring my body. Then, his hard organ rubbing my butt cheeks.

Of course, you know where it goes from there!

If we are facing each other, we explore each other with our mouths and hands. He touching and kissing my breasts. Me, roaming over his chest and down to his rigid manhood.

Of course, I love wrapping my hand around him and stroking him. Making him moan and beg for more. As I am more dominant, I am climbing on and riding hard for our sensual morning sex.

I want to feel that beautiful rod sliding in me hard and fast I sit down on it. Oh, pure fucking pleasure! He is holding onto my hips as I grind away. This is just the start of our morning!

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