Stealing for kicks

When I was a teenager I went through a phase of being a shoplifter. It was quite common for posh English girls and most of us tried it at one time or another. I won’t make any excuses for my behaviour, I was a greedy little thrill seeker, stealing for kicks. If I saw something nice I took it. I really got off on the combination of fear and adrenaline, and the delight of getting something for nothing.

This went on for a month or two until the day I got caught. It was a Saturday afternoon and I was walking around the local shopping centre with a friend. We decided to split up and meet later with our ill-gotten gains. I went into Boots (pharmacy) and stole some lipsticks, then wandered into a clothing shop.

Stealing for kicks, I slipped an Italian leather belt into my bag and walked casually out of the doors.

I’d barely gone a dozen paces when I felt a hand firmly grasp my shoulder. I almost had a heart attack on the spot. Despite my pleas that it was a misunderstanding, I wasn’t stealing for kicks, the store detective marched me through the shop to a back room. He ordered me to empty my bag on the table.

The belt was proof enough, and I had no receipt for the cosmetics I’d stolen earlier. I had visions of the police station and having to go to court and begged the store detective to let me go. He told me that I was a spoiled little brat and it would do me good to get my name in the local newspaper. The thought of my parents’ reaction turned my legs to jelly. “Please” I begged, “I’ll do anything. Just let me go”.

The store detective looked hard at me and then ordered me to undress.

If I didn’t he’d call the police. Getting arrested for shoplifting wasn’t an option. I was stealing for kicks – not a criminal record! I reluctantly pulled my t-shirt over my head and began to unbutton my jeans. As I unhooked my bra, I felt his eyes on my perky teen breasts. Pulling down my knickers, I stood naked in the middle of the small room, covering my tight little pussy with my hands.

I thought he’d make me suck his cock, or maybe fuck me as punishment for stealing for kicks. It confused me for a moment when he ordered me to bring him the belt, suddenly I felt afraid. He ordered me to bend over the desk and not to make a sound. I felt the belt slide down my back and over my buttocks in a sadistic caress. Then a sudden stinging lash across my arse. The shock was almost as bad as the pain and I cried out. The next thing I knew, my scrunched-up knickers were thrust into my mouth as a gag.

This time the belt really hurt. He hit me with something close to full force and then waited for several moments. Then the belt lashed my arse again and again. I writhed and squirmed on the desk, but didn’t dare to stand up. I took the old fashioned punishment for the pleasure and the pain…

After what seemed like an hour – but was probably just a minute or two – he stopped.

A hand grabbed my hair, the stored detective pushed me to my knees and a probing finger hooked my underwear out of my mouth.

I knew what was coming next, my next punishment for stealing for kicks.. I opened my mouth to take the hard cock and began to suck. It was a relief not to be thrashed with the belt anymore. Despite myself, I started to enjoy the blowjob. I had never felt so submissive in my life and even enjoyed the store detective pulling my hair, fucking my mouth, and telling me that I was a thieving little slut.

As he flooded my young mouth with cum, he asked me if stealing for kicks was worth it, as this was only the beginning…

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Stealing for kicks