Squirting Turns Him On Even More!

My phone buzzed in my pocket. I pulled it out and saw that he had messaged me once again. “Do you want to fuck me later? I’ll be extra naughty for you.” What kind of question was that? Of course, I would. I loved sexual contact of any kind. He continued to tease me via text throughout the day, and even the thought of my pussy devouring his erect cock made me moist and creamy, so after a few hours of secretive texting under the desk at my office, I was dripping for him. I was almost squirting just thinking about him.

The time finally came. It was the end of the day, and the office had begun to empty. As I lumped myself in the seat of the car, I unbuttoned my blouse to reveal my cleavage – not too much of it, but enough to show off my DD cup breasts, which I knew he loved to play with. With my heart already beginning to race with excitement, I drove through the city’s labyrinth of streets as my lust for him burned within my body.

As soon as I entered my living room, I froze.

There he was, already waiting, and looking sexy as fuck in the exquisite grey suit that he knew I loved him wearing. He began to sensually undress me, teasing my senses with his caressing touch before he coated my skin in gentle, ticklish touches. Already, I felt like I was ready to burst for him.

His muscular composition, and my slender frame, meant that he could throw me around with ease – just how I liked it. He held my waist and tipped me onto the kitchen counter, ripping apart my thighs before he lowered himself. As he hiked my skirt upwards, I giggled as he realized, much to his delight, that I was wearing no panties beneath my work suit. His hands rolled over my inner thighs, lightly brushing my skin as I bit my lip. He knew that oral sex drove me mad, and he sure acted upon it. He was driving his tongue into the depths of my pussy as I began to squeal. His mouth repetitively hit the sweet spot that was my tender, dripping clitoris.

My cunt usually gets wet and slippery, but today was different.

As I reached my climax, I felt an unusual sensation in my slit, on top of the usual burning pleasure. I gripped the edge of the kitchen counter for balance. My nerves were overthrown By what was one of my most powerful orgasms to date. That was when it happened. In the heat of the moment, I squirted. I separated my thighs as far as I could whilst my eyes rolled back in their sockets, a thick, gooey liquid squirting out of my vagina uncontrollably as my muscles tensed and I began to breathe in short, rapid bursts.

As he pulled his talented lips away from me, his chin was completely cloaked in my cum. He looked bewildered, yet somewhat turned on by the fact that I could squirt.

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