Squirting school secrets are not tales told out of school. They are very public!

Squirting school secrets are mainstream these days. Once it used to be a well-guarded, naughty secret that females have orgasms, too! And even that they can squirt (ejaculate) the same as men when they came. But in today’s internet-dominated world, many videos can show you how to make a lady squirt–or how they can learn to squirt themselves.

Do you know the 5 types of female orgasm? Squirting school secrets begin with this list:

1. Clitoral Orgasm:  A woman achieves this with sex toys or (my own personal favorite) the good old five fingers. However, I also love it when I cum with a tongue, man’s or women’s. So this is the most common orgasm, the easiest to give and to receive.

2. Deep-spot Orgasm: Now you might know it as the G-spot. Like all women, I get this kind of orgasm from deep penetration: a cock or a sex toy. If you are adept at giving a g-spot orgasm, you’re likely to be a very popular guy! A lot of men think they can give this type of orgasm. But a lot of girls are awfully good at faking it! That’s why you need to know squirting school secrets.

Let’s continue with Our Next Orgasms:

3. Simultaneous: You know, this is when  I experience a clitoral and a g-spot at the same time. Baby, this is when the earth moves…WOW! A guy who wants to give his gal this type of orgasm must have both the right finger, tongue, and penetration techniques. Then he must also have just the right timing. This is where squirting school secrets really come in handy.

4. Multiple: When a girl has these orgasms again and again and again.

This brings us to squirting school secrets and the most elusive orgasm of all.

5. Female Squirting Orgasm: Of course you guys ejaculate all the time as part of your orgasm. But for a woman to squirt is quite rare. If we do it means we have achieved the Mount Everest of all orgasms. To be honest, only two or three guys have ever made me squirt.

How can you learn the best way to be a masterful lover?

Squirting school secrets can now be learned via video, books, or even by taking adult education classes. Bet your guidance counselor never told you that was a class in advanced squirting techniques, huh? If so, you might have “cum” to class more often! Depending on what type of learner you are, and which orgasm you wish to specialize in, you can observe, read, or even take a formal test. Like many things squirting school secrets might be best learned, and practiced, out in the real world! Personally, I’m all for on-the-job training…

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