Breeding Mommy fantasy is the mother of all kinks!

Breeding Mommy fantasy is a popular and smoking-hot fetish. I can explain why. We’re equally triggered by arousal and anxiety; the brain is just wired that way. Think about a yummy mummy. Your momma is a  fertile woman with huge boobs; she is technically off-limits but so tempting. Now imagine fucking her. You cum deep inside of her. Then you see the evidence growing visible day by day; her belly swells as your seed develops into a baby. You really get off on this image. But don’t worry. You’re not alone.

I know you like Mommy to have huge tits.

I have enormous knockers so I’m just the type to star in your breeding Mommy fantasy. They are size 37 DD and completely natural. As an adult I love being so voluptuous.  But when I was a teenager this could be embarrassing. In gym class I jiggled when I ran. And sometimes horny boys would twist my bra strap. Of course I am over this now. I even want you to stare at my tits. Their size is partly why I can fulfill your breeding Mommy fantasy. Picture them overflowing with milk, my big pink nipples suckling you like the man-baby that you are. The more you see me as an earth-mother/goddess, the more you will enjoy our breeding Mommy fantasy. And the more you will realize that this sexy taboo may just be so deep-rooted in a man’s DNA that he has to act it out!

Every November we celebrate fertility and abundance.

Thanksgiving is coming up and isn’t that what this holiday is all about? So is the breeding mommy fantasy. I have a certain caller, Keith, with a super-deep and sexy voice. He sometimes calls me late at night and he always wants the same thing: a breeding Mommy fantasy. We pretend we have escaped together from a large family gathering, say Thanksgiving dinner, and have gone off into the woods. There we can be alone and intimate.

Keith screws me in the missionary position.

His cock can get into my pussy really deep that way. Keith is serious about getting me pregnant. He really wants this breeding Mommy fantasy to become a reality, so he thrusts his dick right up against my womb. When he cums he knows his seed will fertilize me. In nine months I will give birth to our baby. And it won’t just be an ordinary baby–it will be an infant with super-powers. I will suckle it from the magic milk which will flow from my breasts with the power of gushing rivers. And our baby, this child of our lust and our love, will grow up to have a huge cock, the stuff of legends.

Because the breeding Mommy fantasy has been around since ancient times. It is found in Greek myths, and Sigmund Freud knew all about it too. So did your own dad. That’s why he was always jealous when Mommy gave you too much attention. Remember?

I am a blonde goddess who can make wet dreams come true, such as breeding Mommy fantasy.

This Thanksgiving let me be the nurturing Mummy who makes you feel all better. Or the glamorous stepmom who teaches you some dark and dirty secrets. I can also give naughty cum-eating instructions or you can eat out my cream pie (even better than pumpkin pie!). Be sure to call Sheridan for cheap phone sex that is priceless. I’m the phone sex operator with the big boobs, the big heart, and the big imagination.

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