Naughty cum-eating instructions are a most enjoyable treat.

Naughty cum-eating instructions are such fun to give. I hope you will also find them good to receive! Personally, whenever I give a blowjob, I always swallow–it’s really the best part. I never understand girls who spit it out; I love to imbibe every drop of creamy, abundant, often salty cum. That’s what makes me so great at issuing naughty cum-eating instructions; I know how awesome it will taste, baby!

All you need to do is relax and listen up…

I have a sweet and tiny voice but it can be full of command as I impart naughty cum-eating instructions. Of course, before you call me, you have to make sure your wife is asleep or your girlfriend is out. If you can do that part, I can handle everything else. Once you have booked the call, I will tease your cock with my tongue. I’ll persuade you that I’m licking and sucking you, with such tenderness and intensity, that your dick will be rock-hard in no time. Now here cums the naughty cum-eating instructions!

I’ll tell you exactly what to do with my naughty cum-eating instructions.

Once you’ve exploded I will be descriptive and exact, as I tell you exactly how to swallow. I promise I will make you a hungry boy. Really, the most essential tip I can give you: don’t be afraid of your own cum! Relish the sticky feel of it on your hands, smell it, lick it, treat it like the desirable substance that it is. Smear some of the cum on your lips but don’t eat it.  Just follow my naughty cum-eating instructions: let it stay there, tantalizing you until I tell you it’s ok to eat!!

Once I gave instructions to a gay couple while they masturbated.

Recently it was my privilege to be included in a phone call with a gay couple. After they masturbated  I told them how to eat their partner’s cum, off of each other’s stomachs, in perfect harmony. My naughty cum-eating instructions enhanced their experience of being together. It really gave me a lot of pleasure too, as I love to make people happy.

Here are some fun ways to eat cum:

Get creative! Put cum in your coffee instead of cream. Scoop your spunk on a strawberry or banana. You can also drizzle it over ice cream, pancakes, even use it as a filling (maybe include peanut butter) for sandwiches. If you’re in a really playful mood it’s even possible to blow bubbles with it. Sex should be a joyous experience and that includes playing with your cum!! My naughty cum-eating instructions work whether you are gay or straight, experimental or traditional. I will tailor them just for you so that you can optimize your cum-eating experience.

There are so many kinks we can enjoy together.

I hope I have convinced you that it’s sensual to eat cum. Of course, that’s just one naughty thing we can explore! I can also be your horny wicked stepmom. Or I make a very loving mommy, with my big tits ready to suckle you.

As a horny princess at Phone Sex Kingdom there’s a lot I can teach you. Call me for smoking hot and imaginative fetish phone sex tonight!!!

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