‘Please, I don’t want to be your tiny submissive girl anymore, just take me home. ” 

Ultimately, I had lost sight of the days and nights; weeks and months seemed to blur together. Sorrow masked my emotions; tears fell down my cheeks, and drenching my face. However, begging only made him want me more. He loved this tiny submissive girl; I could tell. Meanwhile I hoped that eventually, some type of empathy would find him. I could feel like his sinister attractions would drive him further to extreme forms of torture, that would eventually send me to the point of no return.  

All my freedom has been stripped entirely from me; I’m now his tiny submissive girl. 

I wondered how long it took for my friends to realize I was gone. Glamorous from head to toe, the night I went missing. My black hair fell  into big natural waves that caressed my back and shoulders. These tiny feet adorned by beautiful silver sparkly diamond red bottom heels. Deep caramel skin covered by glitter, shined with every touch of light that hit it. I brushed my lips with a dark ruby red lipstick, and smoked my eyes in a deep brown eye shadow. A tiny strappy dress that had a sexy slit on the front left side of my hip covered my body. For this reason, I made every man drool with my little deep v neck cut dress. Ultimately, the only thing covering my back was the straps that wrapped around it. 

I love reeling men in so I can get free drinks and run off afterward. 

After a short time and drunk sloppy teasing , I was on every man’s radar. At this time I’m oblivious to the fact that I was already preyed as his tiny submissive girl. He observed me the whole night hiding behind shadows. Consequently, we were closer and closer in a practically perfect dance. Certainly, he knew what he was doing. But, then, face to face, he said nothing; and began to sway with me to the beat of the slow sexy music. At the moment, I wanted his cock to rail me on the dance floor, watching the world disappear.  As if I was under a spell I couldn’t think or even speak; he was so charming in a sexy quiet, mysterious way. Therefore, I allowed him to take me wherever he wanted. I asked no questions.  

My diamond red bottoms stepping willingly into his sleek black Bugatti Divo.

 As soon as we showed up at a matte black-colored modern-looking house in the middle of the woods, he took me to his room. It was glowing dim red, ropes screwed into the head and footboards of his bed. Soon realizing I was not allowed to leave, he wanted this tiny submissive girl forever. From here on, he sexually tortured me every night, my screams echoed throughout the house, I screamed for help, but it was worthless. The cold dark basement became my new home, only summoned out of my animal-like habitat to feed his abusive appetite. I wish I could go back to that night to make sure I would never have gone out, and I think to this day –was I asking for it?  

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