I was at a dinner party of my parents and they had all these business associates of my father’s that I hadn’t met before, and one of them was his new stockbroker. His old one had retired and this new guy had taken over my father account. He was pretty handsome and cocky as anything, I guess most men with money are cocky in one way or another and he seemed to take a liking to me. I wasn’t that impressed with him, he was going to have to earn my attention, tossing money around wasn’t all that was needed to get me.

He asked me out before the end of the evening, and I was intrigued, so I accepted. He did seem nice, although a bit full of himself. He explained on our date that he was looking for a regular girlfriend, he wanted to be generous with me and he expected certain things. Sounded like he wanted me to be his beck and call girl, but he said I’d be well rewarded if I played along and he did like to show his ladies a good time. He said he enjoyed a bit of a submissive woman, that he liked to administer a spanking or two and be called Daddy in the bedroom.



It seemed a bit odd honestly, but he was promising a lot in return for not too much of my time. I didn’t think of myself as materialistic, but some extra things were always a nice perk, you know? After a couple of dates, I decided to sleep with him, and he made good on his statement of enjoying spanking,He really knew how to spank , we fucked doggy style, he really pounded me while grabbing me by the hips, my tits swinging wildly with every thrust, and the next morning I had some reddish hand slap marks on my behind. It did hurt to sit down actually, but when I went home I was soon answering the door to a delivery man with a dozen long stemmed red roses and a beautiful, expensive designer dress in just the right size. It was lovely and fit perfectly. There was a card inside to be wearing it for a dinner date tonight. He actually arrived in a stretch limousine. I had no idea he liked to impress ladies quite this much.

Later that night after dinner and an evening at the theater, we went back to his place and made passionate love all night long again. I again left with a sore rear. He did enjoy the spankings, that was for sure! He did fuck me very well, I always came several times when we played and he was good at licking pussy as well, feeling that expert tongue all over my wet pussy drove me into a squirming slut in his bed.

He wanted me to call him daddy all the time now, which seemed odd, since he was only fifteen years older than me, but if it made him happy, I was fine with it. He was very generous, great in bed and I was getting used to the unexpected and expensive trinkets that came along with being his girlfriend. My father also approved of him since he did so well financially, not sure if he thought I was going to marry this guy or what, but it was going very good for the time being and we were both enjoying ourselves.Spank Me Anytime!

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