I couldn’t Believe How Small It Was

If you’ve dated enough men, you will probably have an SPH story about at least one of them. Now I’m no size queen, I don’t need some huge cock to satisfy me. I at least deserve an average-sized one. That’s not too much to ask for, is it? This man I was dating, he had it all, or nearly. He was good looking, a great job, ambitious, smart. I was thinking he was almost too good to be true. And many times, that is indeed the case upon closer inspection. He had delayed us sleeping together, and I was wondering what the issue was, and then he told me. He told me he was smaller than most other men. His concern was that this would be an issue for me.

It Was Just The Beginning Of His Humiliation

I wasn’t sure what to think, and then he undressed in front of me. It was almost like a funny sex story I had read.  I literally had to stifle a laugh at what I saw before me. It was like a funny story I had read. I saw a nub, a dicklet, just a pitiful little or nothing of a cock. I couldn’t take my eyes off of it like an accident you shouldn’t be looking at. He knew this was just the beginning of his humiliation. He was used to women belittling him for the size of his penis.  And He couldn’t change it, and he was a great guy otherwise. He said he actually enjoyed it when women laughed at him; he was comfortable with it. It was familiar when he was being teased because of the size of his cock.

It Looked Like A Clit

He asked if I’d watch him masturbate. I was kind of speechless at the entire situation, so I just nodded for him to continue. He leaned back and rubbed it in little circles like a clit. His little drops of precum were smeared all over it and he was whimpering in pleasure. His tiny balls were about the size of globe grapes. I couldn’t even begin to imagine that tiny thing in my pussy. I doubt I’d feel it at all. This SPH story only got odder when he said he knew I’d never fuck him. However, he wouldn’t mind if he could watch another man service me occasionally. He’d be only too happy to watch me receive pleasure from a normal-sized man. He knew his Chapstick sized dick was worthless but masturbation.

I Had To Use A Dildo

He said he’d never expect me to suck it. It was merely the size of a Tootsie Roll, and it would be beneath me to do such a thing. In all honesty, I’d say it was around two inches if that. There was no way to really penetrate a woman with that nub. I wasn’t sure about the cuckold stuff he was proposing;

I told him I’d need to think about that. He asked me if I used a dildo when I masturbated, and I said sometimes. He asked if he could see it. I walked into the bedroom and went to my bedside table and pulled out my favorite one. It was likely eight inches long and thick. Brought it back out to the living room so he could see it. He asked me to compare it with his little dick. I placed the toy beside his tiny, erect penis and it was a shocking sight.

The Toy Was Massive In Comparison 

The toy looked absolutely massive in comparison to his little nub. He said that the toy could do a better job satisfying a woman than he ever could. I reassured him it was ok, not to be too hard on himself. He asked me if I’d use the toy in front of him. I said yes, I could do that. I sat down and pulled up my skirt slowly.  And I then pulled the crotch of my panties aside and slid the large toy into my pussy.

He watched me take the entire length of it in and he rubbed his little clitty. I went faster and faster and made myself cum with it. He squirted a couple of drops of cum on his fingers. He looked at that toy with such envy; it was sad. I’m not sure if there’s any future with this guy, but it was an interesting evening to be sure. An SPH story I will not soon forget in my dating misadventures.

Humiliation calls are just one kind of call you can have with me. I do the Best Phonesex!

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