Spanking Teen Ass: Daddy Punished Me For Bad Grades… Again!

Spanking teen ass… you love spanking, don’t you? That’s why you clicked on my blog. You want to hear how I roleplayed as a sexy teen with bad grades, you dirty boy. Well, let me tell you how it all went down.

I came home from school to see my daddy sitting at the kitchen table with a piece of paper in his hand, shaking his head and tutting. I knew exactly what it was in his hand… my grades. And of course, I have bad grades yet again!

Well, I really know that I am really gonna get my ass beat for this one! I did so bad that I got 3 Ds. So, I sat down at the table with my daddy and sighed. He looks up at me and says “Little girl, what is this about? I thought we’ve talked about this before?”

Letting out a little sigh, I look up to my daddy and say “I know. But like, daddy, I just don’t get why I am getting bad grades! Maybe my teachers hate me. I dunno.”

Shaking his head he says “Now, Bailey. Your teachers don’t hate you. I think you’re just being lazy. You need another punishment.”

I roll my eyes. “Young lady! Don’t you dare roll your eyes at me! March right into that living room and bend over my knee. You’re going to get it!”

Daddy is really pissed at me this time.

It’s the third time I’ve had bad grades and they just keep getting worse. But, I do nothing to fix them. So, I bend over my daddy’s knee and pull down my panties. He pulls his hand back and gives my ass a big SMACK.

I flinch and start to cry because it hurts so much. And then daddy spanks me again. And then again… and again.

My ass feels red hot and I just cry even harder. Daddy knows I am still going to mess up so he demands me to get on my knees. I wipe my tears and sit on my knees on the floor. My ass was getting hotter and I could feel the welts starting to form.

Daddy stands up in front of me, angry as a bull. Then he does something he’s never done before! He unzips his pants and takes out his massive cock and tells me to open my mouth. I look up at him, confused.

He yells at me to open my mouth and I listen out of fear of getting spanked some more. My daddy shoves his big cock into my mouth and tells me to start sucking. Of course, I listen to my daddy… he would spank me harder if I didn’t!

Gagging and choking and sucking on daddy’s big cock made me start getting really turned on. I couldn’t help it. None of the boys I had sex with were this big and I really wanted to feel daddy’s dick inside of me. Then daddy grabs my arm, picks me up, and tosses me to the couch.

He pulls my panties all the way off and lifts up my uniform skirt and bends me over the arm of the couch. I look back at him as he spits onto his cock and shoves it deep into my hot little pussy. I scream “Daddy!” But he still pushes further, grabbing my arms and thrusting in and out.

I can’t believe I have my daddy’s cock inside of me!

It fills me up so well and feels so good sliding in and out of me. But, daddy says “I don’t think this is punishment enough.” He then pulls out of me and spits onto my asshole. I look back and he shoves his huge dick into my tight little ass.

Of course, I scream again and start to cry because no one has ever been inside my ass before. And daddy was the first to ever do it. He thrusts in and out of me and then pulls me off his cock after a few minutes. Then daddy pushes me to my knees and tells me to take off my shirt quickly.

I listen and daddy shoots a huge load of cum onto my perky titties. Made me think that I really should be making daddy pay.

Spanking teen ass sure can be fun, huh?

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