Making Daddy Pay – I Teased Him And Made Him Pay To Fuck Me!

Making daddy pay, hehe! I love roleplaying as your baby girl and you are my daddy. And I love it when you want to fuck your little girl hard in her tight fucking pussy! Cum fuck me, daddy.

So, it’s late at night and you are ready for bed. Snuggled up with just your boxers on and your little girl comes in wearing a teeny, tiny nightie and you can see my panties underneath. “Hi, daddy,” I say as I close the bedroom door and sit on your bed. You can’t help but stare at my beautiful, perky breasts in my pink nightie.

Then you ask me what’s up and I say that I am just wanting to say goodnight and all that before I go to bed. You sit up a bit and see that I am sitting very unladylike and you tell me “Honey, you better sit like a lady in front of daddy.” I look down and spread my legs a little wider and say there isn’t anything wrong with the way I am sitting because you are my daddy.

You tut-tut me and shake your head. I then stand up and show off my cute nightie. “Daddy, isn’t it cute? And look, you can see my panties because it’s so sheer and short at the bottom! They’re super soft, shiny, tight and have Mickey Mouse on them.”

Your eyes grow wide and you tell me to chill because daddy shouldn’t be seeing my panties like that. I ask why it’s wrong and you give no explanation. But, I continue showing off to you. Lifting my nightie and showing you how very tight my panties really are.

“Daddy, aren’t they cute? Do you wanna feel them?”

You shake your head no but I grab your hand and place it on my butt so you can feel how soft and satiny they are. Quickly, you snatch your hand away and I giggle but grab your hand again and place it on my butt again. This time I’m staring right into your eyes and biting my lip. I say “Daddy… I’m a grown woman now. I know what you’re hiding under the covers.”

You look at me wide-eyed and watch as I move the blanket out of the way. Then I gasp in awe at the sight of your massive hard dick under your boxer shorts. I giggle and get up on top of you, straddling your thighs. I pull my panties to the side and you see my pretty, pink, puffy pussy lips.

You gulp audibly and I giggle as I slip you into my wet, young cunt. And of course, you moan as you feel how tight your baby girl’s pussy is. I ride you slowly and move up and down only once… twice… and jump off.

You beg me to get back on but I say “No, daddy. Not until you pay me $300 just to fuck me.” Desperate for a good fucking, you grab your wallet and hand over $300 just as I told you I wanted. You tell me “Now, be a good girl and ride daddy’s hard dick.”

I nod my head and pull my nightie off as I jump back up onto your dick.

You groan as you feel my tightness wrapped around your cock and I grab your wrists and make you squeeze my firm tits. I start bouncing up and down on your hard daddy dick and I can’t believe that I am making daddy pay to fuck me! I could definitely get used to it and so could you. I let go of the wad of cash and start to really go at it and ride you fast and hard.

You can feel that you are about to just blow a huge load into your daughter but you don’t care! Your cock needs to shoot into my tight cunt. I start to cum all over your cock as you start to buck your hips. And you grab my hips and fuck me faster!

I moan so loudly that people must think you are murdering me in here. You then shoot your big, fat fucking load of cum inside of me. I hop off, pull my panties back on, kiss you goodnight and wiggle my hips as I walk out with cum dripping down my leg. You’ve never had teen sex before but you sure are glad you did!


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