My parents are paying a lot of money so I can go to school and get a good education. I am getting an education, just not in class. I see this as my time to do every sexual thing imaginable. I’ll never be as young or tight as I am right now and I’m taking full advantage it. The problem: too much fucking leads to not enough studying. My dad raised me very strict and if I was bad I could expect a hard spanking. He keeps close tabs on how I’m doing at school and I told him I had a big test coming up. I just found out I failed it. I hoped he’d forget about it but he didn’t.

       He called and asked how I did. I dodged the question but he kept insisting on knowing. I finally caved and told him I’d failed. He was furious and told me to get my butt home so I could tell him what was distracting me from my school work. I went over there, we got into a fight and I told him that I was an adult now, what I do is my own business. He said that he was still my dad and everything I do is his business. I was a little brat for mouthing off and if I was going to act like a child then I’d be treated like one.

       He grabbed my arm and dragged me to the couch, pulling me over his lap. My dad was going to spank me. I felt so embarrassed but also a little turned on. Dad’s legs pressed into me as he raised his hand and brought it down quickly. His hand landed with a smack on my jean covered ass. I barely felt it and wished he’d do it again harder. He smacked me a few more times and each time was pathetic. I think my dad realized it wasn’t doing much when he noticed I wasn’t making any noise.

My dad spanking me got my pussy so wet!

       He pulled me to my feet and started undoing my jeans. My pussy tightened as his fingers worked the zipper. I had to stop myself from pressing my hips forward. He pulled my jeans down to my knees and made me bend over his lap again. I wondered if he liked seeing my nice, firm ass only covered by a thin piece of fabric. I gave a little squirm, pretending to get comfortable, but couldn’t feel any boner. My dad raised his hand and brought it down with a sharp smack. It hit my ass cheek and I really felt it now that my jeans weren’t softening the blow. I jumped and gasped as he put his other arm down on my back to keep me in place.

        He raised his hand and brought it down again. It made a nice loud smack and my pussy began to get wet. I wanted to grind my pussy against Dad as he kept spanking me again and again. I don’t know how many times he smacked me but my ass was stinging and I had tears running down my face by the time he was done. I also had one hell of an urge to finger my dripping wet pussy. He told me to get up and I did. I stood in front of him and hoped he couldn’t see the wet spot my pussy had made on my panties. He told me to behave from now on and I got dressed.

       I drove home and went straight to my bedroom. I got out my vibrator and fucked myself with it as I thought of Dad spanking me.

~Naughty Girl Miss. Caden~