My Boss Likes Spanking Us

When I was just out of college .I took a job for a year at an office and was one of the assistants. The boss was a bit of an oddball. Some liked him, others thought he was crazy. People were either fond of him or hated him.There were rumors that he had a spanking problem. He just had one of those types of personalities. I personally didn’t have an issue with him. One night I was the last to leave as I had a few files to get up to date and he came back in the office because he’d forgotten it and needed to review it for the next day.

Spanking as punishment Can Be Kinky

He said I should have been finished by now. And rather than him being pleased I was staying late and getting caught up, I was admonished for not having completed this during my working hours. I was stunned. He told me to stand up, And I did. He pushed me over my desk and slapped my buttocks hard with his hand, spanking me six times. I was speechless. My boss had just spanked me, in the office for not completing my work in a timely manner. He said this should teach me a lesson to work a bit more efficiently. I grabbed my purse and ran out the door. How dare he disciplining me like a common child, I am an adult!

I didn’t even know if I was going to be back in the morning after this nonsense. I wasn’t about to stand for corporal punishment at my place of employment, but I needed the money, I had lots of bills to pay. I went back in the morning and when he marched through the office he barked at me to bring him his coffee, black with two sugars. I was so flustered I added three and when I took it to him he sipped at it and commented it was too sweet and I’d messed it up. He pulled me over his lap and spanked me hard five times and sent me back to my office. I couldn’t believe this was happening. But I thought I’d just better do as told and avoid more spankings.


As the day was nearly over, he called me into my office and said I’d better start doing my job better, or more spanking would be the result of sloppy workmanship. I said I’d try my best. The next day I mentioned this to one of the other girls in the office and told her what had happened and she said all the office girls had been through this when they first joined, he considered the spanking part of their training to get them in line and it worked.

He had a very efficient team of workers and mistakes in that office were rare. I said it was all crazy to be spanking grown women like this to teach them not to make errors. She said just do your job well and they will stop. I was much more careful and the spankings did stop and then a new girl was hired and a few times I know I heard spanking noises coming from his office, so now it was her turn to get in line. It was an interesting job to say the least.

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