A hard punishment: spanking his ass raw.

Spanking his ass raw was the only way to teach this little sissy a lesson. The little bitch I’m talking about is named Daniel, but I nicknamed him Daisy. After all, he’s going through a lot of sissyfication, and he’s been my little doll slut since day one. However, this little sissy has been breaking a few rules that I simply can’t let go of. Now, Daisy has been living in my apartment for a little while. She’s been my roommate for several months. At first, she was really holding up the male facade. Despite her drinking, going out with the guys, and watching lots of sports games, sometimes you can just tell. She would stare a little too long when I was playing with makeup.

Clearly, the girl was into it. She loved watching me apply my eyeliner and loved seeing how I would go from 0-100. Daisy loves seeing how I go from being all dressed-down in pajamas to dressed-up and makeup on full display. She’s always loved watching the glow-up. I just recently realized that it’s because she’s a little sissy bitch! But do you want to know how I really found it? She broke into my room one day while I was out and got into my things. The little rat! I never minded if she looked over my stuff while I was there, but this time she did it while I wasn’t home.

So I had to punish her.

It’s a miracle I caught her, anyway. Little Daisy made the mistake of forgetting to close my door when she left. So, when I got home, the door to my bedroom was open. Several things were in disarray, and I’d have usually not noticed it. However, she had left my lipstick uncapped.  She even left the light-up makeup mirror on, as well. She was caught red-handed. Who else would sneak into my room and leave everything in such a mess? Only a little sissy bitch that didn’t know how to put it all back together and cover her tracks! It was time to take control and show her what happens when I find an undercover sissy breaking my rules.

I sauntered into her room later that night, after cleaning up the mess she’d left behind. She thought I was just stopping in to say hi and chit chat for a while. But no… Once I walked in, she could tell I was in a mood. I made sure to play up my Latina temper, too. I started yelling, asking her how long she’d been sneaking into my room, getting into my things. She cowered in bed, no longer able to put on a macho facade. I scared that little sissy bitch so well, and I loved it! So I stormed off to my room and came back with the bright pink MAC lipstick she’d gotten into. “You really liked wearing this one, huh?”

She was shocked.

It only grew worse when I told him that I was going to turn his ass the same shade of pink. Spanking his ass was going to be delicious. I wanted to make little sissy Daisy really apologize for squirreling through my things. So I made her bend right over in front of me. It took a little convincing, too, but she did it as soon as I threatened to tell all her friends that she’d been wearing my makeup. Once she knew I meant business, she bent over for me. Facedown, ass up. She shook her little booty for me, too. I walked up to tug her pants down, and guess what I found? She was wearing some cute tiny lacy panties from Victoria’s Secret. A pair that I’d actually bought for myself recently.

She instantly explained that they weren’t mine – not this time. She confessed that she liked mine so much, she had to run off and buy a pair for herself. Still, that didn’t save her. I brought a hand down rough, spanking his ass harder than I’d ever even been spanked. SMACK! Another hand came down rapidly against her bare bottom. SMACK! I continued the little attack on her ass, making her my little bitch one spank at a time. She wasn’t sure what to do, but she was loving it. I’d have been nicer on her if she just told me about all the fetish phone sex she daydreams about, but no. She had to go sneaking around, getting into my makeup, and leaving it messy. And for that, a sissy must be punished.

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