A little sissyfication adventure.

Sissyfication can be such a thrilling little process, especially when it’s with someone who you never thought could be into such a thing. Good sissies know that they can play around as much as they want and then pretend they’re normal for the rest of the world. But as soon as they get home, they know who they belong to! As soon as they finally get home, they know how to strip down all their man-clothes. Suddenly, alpha men become the frilly little slut they really are. They don their pretty sissy lingerie and get with the program. It’s like they’re finally taking off the mask. But it’s not always that easy… Some guys keep the facade!

One of my “friends” has been realizing how much he loves to dress up for me. By day, you’d never know. He’s this rough & tough bartender I met down at one of the inner city bars. He’s, outgoing, and just about your typical Type-A guy. His name’s Jake, and you’d never know that he’s anything but a macho man. I wouldn’t have found out either until I slept over at his house one time. The first time I spent the night with him, it was supposed to be a really sexy, sultry night. I was going to fuck him all night. That is until I caught him playing with my panties when I got out of the shower!

Dirty little fucker!

I didn’t know he’d be into that. It really goes to show you; everyone has fetishes you may never find out about. I know guys who are friends with the most homophobic assholes you can even imagine. However, they secretly love to play with dildos and fuck their ass hard. The same guys go sneaking onto Grindr late at night and hit up the first big cocks they see. But anyway – back to my bartender friend. He’s a dirty little pervert. He knew I caught him red-handed with my panties in his hand; he had no explanation. But he didn’t know I was into stuff like that. He was clueless and had no idea I loved fetish phone sex so much and knew just how to play with him. It took him by surprise too that I was all for it.

I got that mischievous little smile & just said: “Fuck it!” If he was going to play with my panties, he was going to follow my rules. He had no clue what that meant at first when I declared it, but it excited him. And that meant I got to dress him up in my thong and bra, making him barely keep his dick in that tiny little thing. The thong barely covered anything or held him in place, but it excited him more than he could admit. I loved it. I made him do anything I could do. To start, I played with his face with a little bit of makeup, too.

He was my dirty little toy.

He might as well have been a mannequin. His sissyfication had just started. And damn, sometimes it just feels delicious to boss him around and take him down a notch. He’s always the typical Alpha Male in public, but no one knows that he wears panties underneath his jeans. Now, no one knows that he likes wearing lip gloss for me, either. I bet the girls he talks to don’t see that he’s my little sissy slut! Sometimes I wonder if he’d even be into playing with the amateur cuckold ideas. He has a lot of porn about it on his phone.

However, he littered his real porn collection with sissyfication and all kinds of things. Can you believe this guy goes from looking like your typical guy next door, to being a frilly little crossdressing sissy? He wears all of my high heels and skirts. He wears all of my thongs and lingerie, too. I think I might have to take him shopping for his own lingerie next since he can’t keep wearing mine. Sissyfication is just the first step of the process, and soon enough, he’ll have his own cute lingerie collection to pick from. After that, we move on to getting him his own sex toys for our playtime. I couldn’t just leave it at crossdressing. You know a good sissyfication means he has to learn to play with cock.

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