Shopping for some sissy lingerie!

Sissy lingerie is so much fun to shop for. At least, it is when I bring my little sissy fuckdoll along! Now, my cute little sissy had a man name once, but I can’t even remember it now. The name didn’t suit her at all, so we came up with a new one: Daisy. Now, Daisy is this lovely little feminized slut that has pretty, long, brunette hair. We take her to the hair salon regularly to get her beautiful hair extensions like all the strippers and models. She deserves it, right? After all, it’s been a long adventure to get Daisy to look as cute as she does now. She always wanted to wear the pretty stiletto heels and dresses that the other girls did, and now she finally can.

Daisy has to work for her lingerie, though. I don’t just take her sissy lingerie shopping on any occasion. She’s earned every shopping trip we’ve gone on. After all, what’s a little feminized sissy without the fuckdoll aspect of it? She has to put out, and she has to look sexy. It’s all a part of our game. If she wants to go out and go shopping for some sexy feminine clothes, she has to do while already wearing some female clothes. I told her my basic rules when I met her: if she wants to go shopping, she has to do it while all dressed up.

Of course, she loved that rule.

It was the kind of rule she needed to make her cross that line and step out of her shell. Sweet little Daisy can be so shy and timid sometimes, but it’s okay, I’ve slowly made her more bold and slutty. When we first went shopping, she wanted to go for modest dresses and leggings. Now, she goes straight for the cut-off denim shorts and the frilly miniskirts. She even has a thing for thigh-highs and the girls at Victoria’s Secret store know her very well! When we first stepped into that store, she was dying of shyness, she didn’t want to be all dressed up and surrounded by women. She felt so judged and so shy.

Soon, she realized all the women there were just checking out the cute outfit she was wearing. Sometimes they giggled, but that’s just because of how odd it was to see their own boyfriends checking her out. My little sissy was turning into one gorgeous drag queen. Some even thought that she might be transexual! And while it’s true that my sissy sometimes has a fetish for shemale phone sex, she’s not one herself yet.

I still remember the beginning.

Our little adventure started with a bout of forced feminization. She was always hiding her kinks on her phone and hid her list of favorited porn videos. However, one mistake was all it took! She left her phone unlocked one day and I couldn’t help my curiosity. I went through her favorites and history and found so many videos on being forced to dress up and suck cock, that I had to see what she was really into. Fast forward several months later, and we’re walking through the mall. Daisy is all dressed up in some sexy black thigh-highs, connected to a garter that goes over her sexy black thong. I made her wear a hot pink miniskirt to attract as much attention as possible.

This was her favorite shopping trip yet. We didn’t just hit up every girly store we could find. We also hit up Claire’s, which was her favorite for all the sweet, girly accessories. She bought so many earrings, lip glosses, and bracelets, that the lady at the register was giggling and cashing it out for her for almost ten minutes. When we finished the actual shopping aspect of our sissy lingerie shopping trip, we took a small break at the food court.

I made her sit with me right in the center.

She was the center of attention, with her legs crossed one over the other like a princess. Everyone who walked by couldn’t help but glance over at us, and the lovely dressed-up sissy beside me. I even started a little game with her and made her walk with me to several couples who were sitting down. We went one by one, sparking up a little conversation here and there. I had the girls pick out something that they liked about Daisy’s outfit, and the guys pick something that they found sexy. Can you imagine how red that made my sissy start blushing?

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