I Never Dated A Man Into Spanking Fetish Before

Until recently, I’d never dated a man into spanking fetish before. I wasn’t sure what to make of it when he said he liked to spank the ladies he dated. I will try to see how I liked it. He said it can be quite a lot of fun under the right circumstances. He got together a collection of spanking implements. A paddle, a riding crop, he had his bare hands of course. He said we could roleplay that I’d been a very bad girl. He’d then found out about it, so he would need to punish me. And  I was getting kind of excited about the whole idea. I  mean cock sucking story is one kind of story I love as well.

I Loved Sucking Cock

In the roleplay, he told me he knew I’d been with another man and that was terrible. I confessed I had, yes; I was a horny slut and couldn’t get enough cock. I’d not been able to say no when my boss said he’d seen how I looked at him lustfully. He was going to fuck me right then and there in his office. My boyfriend made me describe sex. I said I’d gotten on my knees and given my boss a blow job, sucking his hard cock and loving it. I said I’d wanted his cock for a long time and I just got wet at the thought of pleasuring him orally. And  I was then bent over the desk and my skirt raised, my panties lowered and fucked hard until I came. This had been going on with my boss for weeks now.

I Knew I Had Handprints On My Ass

My boyfriend asked if I knew that he needed to punish me for such behavior. I had to admit yes, I really did. He told me to bend over his knee and he pulled up my skirt and pulled down my panties. I lay my ass bare before him and I held my breath, waiting for the first strike. I knew this whole scenario was really playing into the punishment element of the spanking fetish he had. He’d told me for our first try at it, he’d just use his hand. I then got a dozen semi-hard swats on my rear from his open hand. I knew I’d have red handprints on my ass if I looked. And He really gave me a solid spanking.

He Told Me I Was A Dirty Little Slut

He asked if I’d learned my lesson, or if I would continue to be a slut. I said I’d learned my lesson and would stop flirting with the handsome boss.  I’d gotten wet from being spanked. Not something I’d anticipated happening. I think he sensed it as well. He didn’t take me off of his lap. Instead,

I felt his hand go down between my ass cheeks and towards my pussy. He then found my clit, which was stiff.  And He told me I was a dirty little slut, since he knew I was wet. He started to rub my clit with his finger from behind. Dipping into my wetness to smear it around my pussy lips. I bucked my ass upwards to give him better access to my clit. He rubbed my pussy so good, his wet hand continued to stroke me until I came. I was breathing hard as I came. I had to admit, And I had found this exciting. Spanking fetish was not anything I’d given any mind to before, but I was now liking it.

I Am Now A Spanking Fetish

A week later when I came in from work, he was in character when I opened the door. He said he’d found out about me fucking the boss again, and he needed to punish me for doing it. Since this was a second offense, I’d need the harsher paddle this time. I could feel my pussy begin to tingle at this unexpected roleplay I’d walked in to. I apologized for being a slut and he told me to disrobe immediately and go bend over the bed. And I did as I was told. I then heard the sound of the paddle slicing through the air before it made contact with my rear end. I flinched at the feel of being struck and he hit.
me ten times. I knew I was wet again. That night was extremely passionate. I too am now a fan of spanking fetish, it can be more arousing than you’d imagine.

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