So, We Just Spanked Roommate Hard for Taking Our Lingerie!

Okay, so let’s set the record straight we just spanked roommate hard for taking our things. Well, our pretty frilly things, I should say.

The point I’m trying to make is, that everyone gets spanked at some time in their early lives, but some people deserve it no matter their stage in life.

Ok, so let me tell you why we spanked roommate hard!

So, first of all, he deserved it. He went all around from early to late making noise. Not to mention, we had to tell him so many times to put things away. Then, I started noticing things missing from my room. What was missing you ask? To start with, panties and a bra. My favorite panties and bra went missing. I just wanted to wring someone’s neck.

Of course, I couldn’t prove it. For a time I gave him the benefit of the doubt, till the day we came home from shopping and caught Chris red-handed.

We came from a long day of work and grocery shopping.

When Caren and I got home, we noticed the lights were on. Chris wasn’t usually home this early, so we proceeded cautiously. The door was still locked, so we opened it as usual.

The sight of Chris in the middle of the living room bouncing up and down on top of a large pink dildo made Caren scream and drop the groceries. He was definitely a sight. First of all, he was wearing a blue teddy.

I asked Chris to pull up the teddy. He hung his head and blushed a deep red. He finally lifted the garment. To make matters even worse, when he showed us what he had on under the dress, I saw the sticky satin panties that he had messed up. Apparently, Chris wanted an evening delight and got a sizable head start.

While the porn played we spanked roommate hard!

We didn’t give Chris an opportunity to plan his next move. I grabbed Chris by his locks.  He had long hair and I pulled him under Caren’s dress. I ordered him to service her pussy as a way of apology and submission. Caren grabbed him and ground into his face while he shrieked loudly. I watched and got the dildo ready.

Chris didn’t anticipate my strap-on going into his ass. He screamed and then moaned as I pounded him harder than he could have ever imagined. I could see the outline of something tiny under the panties. No wonder he needed to get his rocks off because no girl would ever want him.

I made sure that we spanked the roommate hard!

For every action, there is a reaction. We took him over my knee and let Caren spank his sissy ass hard. I loved the whimpers and begging, but we were far from done. Now that we knew he loved dressing up, we would have so much more to hold over his head.

Out came the phone. Click went the camera! You can probably imagine what happened next. We switched places and Chris was put over Caren’s knees. While I spanked my roommate hard, I fucked him over and over. Just when I thought he would cum, I would stop and let him catch his breath. Bad boys don’t deserve to cum!

So, in my loins, I believe the sissy was much better off because we spanked roommate hard.

Now, that you fully understand, how about coming by for your very own phone sex.  You’ll be so happy you came.

 Phone Sex Kingdom Nicole Burke