I have been a very naughty girl this year, Santa! I know that you have seen me do very dirty things. But what can I say, Santa? Cock is my favorite thing. I love the way it feels in my mouth, in between my velvety lips, and even in my tight little star. The pleasure I find from cock brings me such joy. Santa, you can spank me if you feel the need to. Let your hand make my sexy ass red. Leave your mark on me. Show me what a bad girl I have been. You know how much I like it. You tell everyone to be good but I know you watch me. Even when I am alone, playing with my little button, you are watching me through the window, aren’t you Santa? Now who is the bad one? I think you want to do very naughty things to me and leave me with a very special gift. Here Santa, let me help you with that cock of yours. Spank me, pound me, force your meat stick down my throat; let me leave you with a present as well. I have a gift for you. I know you want it. Let me bend over for you, Santa. I can give you a nice view of what you are about to enjoy. What do you think? It looks delicious, doesn’t it? Why don’t you fit yourself between my legs and have a nice taste? It is far better than any cookie you will eat. Oh, Santa, right there. It feels so good to have your tongue find itself between my soft, silky lips. Don’t stop… let your fingers slide deep inside of me. I can feel you moving your fingers deeper inside of me as you lick my slit and suck on my sweet rosebud. As my legs start to quiver, Santa, I can feel my body yearning to explode all over your face. With your Santa magic making my pussy feel better than anyone has, I can feel my body tingling. Right there, Santa! The more you lick I can feel my sweet juices bursting all over your face. Clean up my sweet milk and let me make sure that your beard is full of my juices. Come here and kiss me, Santa!

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