Spank Me And Tell Me What a Naughty Maid I’ve Been!

Spank this naughty maid after you find out what I did!! I only went to your house to clean up the sex cobwebs you’ve had and decided that it needed a real good cleaning! Dressed in my cute little french maids outfit I got to work and started to use my cute fluffy duster on your cobwebs. Little did I know but you were still sleeping in the bedroom and not at work as I had thought.

You walked in on me as I was dusting off your coffee table and demanded to know what I was doing!I stood there surprised to see you but I looked so sexy in my french maid’s outfit, I knew you wouldn’ t be that mad. It was then that I noticed the bulge in your pajama pants. Leaning over the table I gave you a good glance at my cute round ass and that was all it took. You came up behind me and started to let your hard cock rub my ass between the fabric we both had on. You told me to take off my top and clean while you watched and jerked off.

I was topless cleaning off your TV and that’s when you told me to lie down and use the duster I had in my hand on my nice warm pussy. So I lied down on the sofa and spread my legs wide taking the duster and rubbing it softly against my clit. It was so soft and ticklish that I started to giggle but you then came over and spanked me and told me to quit laughing that I was a naughty maid and was going to be punished.

Taking your hard cock out of your pajama pants you shoved it into my mouth for me to suck on.

I took the whole 10″ and sucked wildly hard and made it nice and wet. Taking my hand with the duster in it I lightly stroked it across your balls and made you feel how softly erotic it was to have your hard cock being sucked so well and having something so fluffy tickling your balls.

You shoved your cock in my mouth faster and harder and made me take it all in till I was gagging on it. This just turned you on and made you pull it out and cum all over my face. “What a naughty maid you’ve been,” you told me. “Clean up this mess and cum join me in the bedroom for some more CLEANING.” You winked at me and we were off to clean up those sexy cobwebs in your bedroom! Hmmm…..what a naughty maid I’ve been! Wait til I cum to clean YOUR house!!

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