Spank me hard

whilI just wanted to feel him spank me with that wide wooden paddle. I’m little attention whore and violating the dress code got me the attention I wanted. I would show up to school in mini skirts and shirts that showed off my tits. I got all the teacher’s attention and all the jealous female teachers reported me to my principle. I sat in the chair across from my principle awaiting his approval on my new clothes. I feel his eyes all over my body and its obvious he likes what he sees. At first he tried convincing me to go home and change but looking down at his crotch tells me something else. I lean forward for him to get a peek down my shirt. It was so cute watching him stutter through his words. “Come on Mr Principle your a guy with needs and I can help you.”

After a little sweet talking his hands were on my ass, grabbing and squeezing. Nothing turns me on more than feeling a man take charge and get what he wants. He bent me over the desk while his hands slid up my skirt. While holding on to my ass he says he has to punish me for violating the dress code. Yes! Spank me! He pulls out his wooden paddle and leans me over on his desk while pulling my skirt up over my ass. His paddle slaps against my bare cheeks. Spank me harder! His paddle again slaps against my bare ass only this time it was a little harder. Spank me Mr Principle, spank me like the bad girl I am. The third slap really did sting but that just made me want to fuck him.

Now I know I won’t follow the rules at school especially when I’m going to get the punishment I deserve. My principle does let me borrow his paddle from time to time just in case your in the mood for a good spanking session. What kind of filthy school girl role plays do you keep locked away in your dirty little mind? I’m just waiting to satisfy every little desire you have. You need a play toy that’s going to bring out your inner kink. Cum see me for all you kinky role play fantasies.

spankKinky Kelsey