Hi, if you haven’t talked to me yet, I’m Taylor. I’m what you call a “switch”, Southern Switch that is!

Don’t let my soft cute accent fool you. While I might sound innocent and demure, I can turn on you quick as a flash. Do you need me to be inexperienced and submissive, or do you need me to be the ultimate southern switch BITCH?

Phone Sex with a southern switch like me is an incredible experience. Let me soft voice say the cruelest, nastiest things to you while I verbally command your cock’s attention. I have a true story for you, showing what a surprising little vixen I am!

I’ve gone both ways several times. I’m drawn to girly girls who are sexy and submissive. That really brings out the “bad” in me…that domineering sauciness. A girl I was seeing for awhile really set me on fire. While we’re both ultra feminine pretty girls, behind closed doors I was her man you could say. My oh my, how I loved filling her holes and seeing how much I can make her cum!

Being a pussy hungry southern switch, I would tease her till she cries for all her holes to be filled.

I would make her gag on my big strap on and get it all wet. Then if she wants to fuck, if she wants that sweet pussy filled, she has to BEG. I’d make her moan and beg until I’m satisfied she needs it bad enough, then I’d fuck her like a man. I love eating that tasty wet pussy and make her cum a few times, then see what my toys could do.

My sweet girl liked me being rough with her. She loved hearing my high pitched sweet voice telling her to bend over and prove to me how bad she needs to cum. She liked being choked and hair pulled a bit as well…what a bad girl! We liked to go out and be the prettiest finest dressed girls at the club. Then I’d go home and treat her rough and control her. She’d often tell me she wished a man would be as passionate and dominant with her as I was!

So you see, your little southern switch Taylor can switch it up however you need! This is nowhere near the full story of how bad and alpha I usually am with girls, and I’d be happy to tell you more Lesbian Phone Sex stories on the phone.