Sounding Fetish – Loads of Sounding Fun With Teen Slut Piper!

Last night was so wild; I had so much fun with my boyfriend’s sounding fetish! It started slow with light kissing and touching, then Eric looked me in the eyes and nodded. My heart raced as I knew exactly what he meant.

He finally wanted to try out his sounding fetish!

He kissed my neck while fiddling with my perky bare breasts. I always love it when he does that; my nipples are so sensitive, I get soaking wet. So, I closed my eyes and sighed in pleasure.

He whispered seductively in my ear, “I trust you completely.” Then he pulled down his boxers, reviling his enormous 9-inch erect cock. I bit my bottom lip; this turns him on, sounding fetish, maybe I should do it.

I smiled then slid my right hand over his rock-hard cock, gripping it tightly.

He smiled wickedly, then hopped up onto the bed, “Awesome!” The excitement in his voice almost overpowered the hint of fear I could hear.

I reached over towards the mahogany table to grab the surgical grade stainless-steel sounding rods. They were cool to the touch and eager to be used for their intended purpose, sounding fetish. I cleared my throat then focused on the opening to his cock.

I set the rods onto the bed then grabbed the smallest, thinnest rod.

Then, I reached towards his cock and grabbed hold of it firmly. His cock was so hard yet so warm and soft against my now cold hands. Slowly, I stuck the thinnest, smallest part of the sounding fetish rod into the tip of his cock. I could see goosebumps start to rise on the surface of his skin as the tiny metallic piece entered him gently.

Pre-cum oozed from his cock and leaked down his shaft. I smiled brightly; he loved this! I couldn’t believe that his sounding fetish could be so unique! He moaned then gripped the bed tightly. His moans were so soft and sweet; they were like music to my ears.

I pushed the sounding rod in deeper until it rested gently at the base of his cock.

Maybe we will do this more often, I thought to myself. He really seems to be enjoying it. I slowly started to take the sounding rod out. Cum covered the rod from head to toe. I looked back at him, and he grinned then gave me a reassuring nudge.

I grabbed ahold of another sounding rod; this one was about one-eighth of an inch bigger, then gently slide it into him. This time I was more confident in my abilities, so I went just a little bit faster.

He moaned and gripped the sheets tighter while biting his bottom lip. My gaze met his again for a brief moment, and I could see all of the lust and bliss in his eyes. My pussy throbbed in sync with his moaning, and I could feel my panties starting to get wet. It was at that moment that I really realized how intimate this was.

My heart fluttered, and my hands began to shake. I stopped for a moment to gather myself before continuing. I pulled out the second rod; it had even more cum on it than the first one. It was literally dripping cum! Who knew his sounding fetish could be so hot?

The size of the rods kept increasing until I could fit my entire pinky inside of him.

I pulled out the fifth rod then stuck my pinky inside of him; I pulled it out then licked all of the cum off it. Oh my god, he tastes so damn good! I moaned as I slide a hand down to my crotch then started to rub my pussy. My panties were soaked, sounding fetish makes me so wet!

Seeing what I was doing, he leaned over slowly then gave me a warm, heartfelt kiss. I moaned softly, his lips lingering against mine. His cock throbbed, hard, as cum seeped out of it. He grunted as he pulled away.

I pulled my hair back into a ponytail, then lowered my head down to his cock and opened my mouth. I slid part of his enormous 9-inch cock into my mouth then began sucking. He was in so much bliss that it didn’t take long before he exploded all over my face, leaving me a dripping mess.

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