CBT Playtime- Cock and Ball Torture With Edging Teen Slut Piper!

I watch as your craving for CBT playtime grows more and more. With every tug, every slap, every pinprick, the desire grows. I can see it clear as day—the pained expression of a person who has been deprived for far too long.

You long for me to use my CBT playtime powers on you.

They are, after all, extremely addictive. The way I masterly mix pleasure and pain together. I am always able to send that oh so pleasurable chill down your spine. As I reach out to caress your cock, your breath catches in anticipation because you know what will happen next.

I lightly kiss the tip of your cock before sticking it into my warm wet mouth. As I pull your throbbing cock out of my mouth, I quickly reach for the table. I pull open the drawer of wonders and pleasure. Then I lock that pretty little silver cock cage into place on your cock.

I gently tuck the key into my pocket. Your eyes trace my finger as it slowly slides back to the table and back into the drawer. Your heart skips as you hear all of the wonders and toys move around as I search for my desired object.

You know you long for this CBT playtime bliss!

I pull out my shiny new toy, then stick that sharp little needle entirely through your cock. Your breathing stops abruptly as the pain sinks in. Then, pleasure takes over as your cock oozes out pre-cum. You know you love it, I can see it in your eyes.

The way I gently kiss your balls, right before I tie them up using rubber bands. You watch as your balls start to turn blue then purple with my CBT playtime essence. I pull back harshly on the band right before letting it slip out from between my fingers.

The snap echoed throughout the dark and empty room.

Like a smack to the face, you recoil as the sting turns into a slow burn. Your cock twitches and throbs in its cage, protesting to be released. As your cock swells and fills with blood, the once roomy cage has now started to strangle your cock.

The metal bars dig deep into your throbbing cock, not allowing for any breathing room. You wince with each pulse of your cock. The cool metal slowly soothes your swollen cock back down as I insert yet another needle into your flesh to continue our CBT playtime!

Slowly, I stand back up and walk back over to our table of fun and rummage through it. You can hear a loud metallic clink then a thud—the sounds of chains rattling, in my hands, echoes throughout the room.

When I turn to face you, a smile creeps across your sweat-soaked face. Tears well up into your eyes, and as if by the grace of God, you see it. That oh-so-reliable 5-pound ball and chain. Swinging the chain around, I stop dead in front of you then kneel.

I slowly lock the weighted ball and chain into place at the base of your cock cage.

Your eyes are fixated on me, watching my every move, waiting for me to drop that yummy weighted ball. You crave that oh so delicious CBT playtime pain! I swing the ball around like a child’s toy, making you wince with every tug of the chain. Suddenly, I drop the ball to the ground.

The chain yanks on your pined up and caged cock. You can hear the tiny clink of needled falling to the ground, realizing that the cage pulled on them, yanking some of them out of your flesh. Little droplets of blood start to trickle down your shaft as the scent of iron slowly fills the air.

You whimper in pain as your cock throbs, hard. The pain is so delicious and exhilarating you start to beg me for more. I pick up the ball then throw it down to the ground once more.

You moan in pleasure and cry out for more.

I notice that your cock is throbbing immensely now. All of the muscles in your body start to tense up, and I know you are close to that creamy outcome. So, I pull up a chair and take a seat. I watch as you beg and plead for me to continue.

I simply laugh and say, “No.” You beg and plead for more as I stand then leave you in that dark and empty room. Your screams are still echoing.


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