Sorority college girls gone wild

It’s day two of our sorority sex games. Initiation is going to get harder and harder as these future sorority college girls prove themselves worthy. Last night the pledges were forced to drink cum out of glasses. “Don’t waste a drop” they are told. The 25 remaining girls were also denied their clothes back. 25 girls won challenges and enjoyed the party. We parade the girls outside, naked. The girls ran some laps around the house. Their tits bouncing up and down as they ran. Then the girls did some yoga posses. Yoga can be so sexy especially downward dog. That’s where their hands are flat on the ground and their ass up high in the air. While in position, we get dildos and tease the pledges. We rubbed the uncleaned dildos in their faces and mouths.

The girls had to suck on those uncleaned dildos. “Clean our toys bitches.” If the girls fall they have to get back into position and prepare to be fucked in the ass. None of the girls fall which is sad. After cleaning our dildos we shove them in their cunt. We were disappointed we didn’t get to fuck their ass. But we didn’t take it easy on their cunts. Just when the girls were close to cumming we stopped. Looking around the house we notice the place is trashed. The girls clean the house and now it’s time for more torture. We are turned on after fucking them with our dildos. Our sorority college girls are told to get down and lick our cunts. None of these pledges are into women which is one reason this was exciting.

Forced bisexual hazing

We had to use a little force but in the end they licked our cunts. Then we strap dildos to their faces. After being laid on their backs we jump on the face and ride those dildos. Anything bisexual we thought of they had to do it. We even fucked them with a strap on but didn’t let them cum. I did hear them moan loud while we were fucking them. It must of been so hard not getting to cum. We lined up 10 pledges and 10 sisters. It was like musical strap on fucking. When the music starts and the first pledge in line gets fucked. The further down the line the bigger the strap on. I was the last in line with a 15 inch strap on. Mary was in front with a 6 inch strap on.

When the music stops Mary moves down the line and Katie steps up. I couldn’t wait to make the girls squeal with my strap on. And you know I made every one of them squeal. The other 15 girls had to line up and clean off the strap on’s. We put away the sex toys and now our frat boyfriends arrive. The sorority college girls are about to be our slaves now. We just don’t feel like sucking our boyfriends cocks today so we let the pledges do it. After our boyfriends get hard we sit on their cocks and fuck them. The pledges are forced to watch. When my boyfriend cums inside me one pledge licks it out of me.  Another girl makes two pledges suck the cum out of her boyfriends cock. Then Mary makes one pledge take her boyfriends load into her cunt.

Party time!

This sex hazing went on and on until nightfall. So far the sorority college girls are proving themselves. But now it’s time for another party. This party is strictly the frat house guys. And the girls are sent on a mission. They are given a 1 gallon milk jug and told to do what it takes to fill it with cum. I don’t care if they fuck him, suck him or stroke him. But the milk jug doesn’t come back until it’s full. Hopefully there are plenty of guys with big loads inside them. The girls scatter and all through the party you see guys with their dicks out. Almost looks like a college party orgy. I bet you have one naughty fantasy you would love to explore. I’m open minded to anything!  Just ring my phone sex number and see for yourself.