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I was very excited to hear from John again especially after I shared his incest sex story. His story continues but this time John used his big dick to wake mommy from a nap. I get the call from John saying mommy was laying down taking a nap while dad was away at work. He wanted mommy so bad but needed a little encouragement on how to have sex with her without getting denied. It is a little intimidating being denied so I understood completely. First I talked John into sitting on the chair in her bedroom. He strokes his cock while staring at her big tits. Her tits are almost out of her top they are so big. After a little convincing John walked over to the side of the bed and pulled her top down revealing her huge tits.

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I talked him into just lightly caressing her tits. He got a good feel of mommy before pulling his big dick out and rubbing it against her tits. Mommy never woke up so I simply suggested John rub his big dick against mommy’s lips. With all the rubbing and touching she never woke up. Being denied is the least of John’s worries at this point. Now came time for John to make the big move. I got John to crawl under the covers and remove mommy’s panties. He gently peeled them off and begin to lick her pussy. Mommy starts squirming just a little. I tell him to keep going let’s see where this goes. Mommy doesn’t realize it’s her son and assumes it her husband. She’s squirming and grabbing the sheets while moaning.

I was surprised to hear her enjoy herself without confirming who was under those covers but then the phone rings.

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Guess who? Apparently the husbands ring tone is personalized. Yeah, she recognized the ring tone and pulled back the covers seeing her son licking her pussy. I heard her confused and surprised tone but apparently it felt good enough to keep going. She finally gave in to join after he showed her his fully erected big dick. I told him not to take no for an answer and he didn’t disappoint. John rubbed his cock against her pussy and pressed a little bit of inside her. Whatever it was it was enough to convince mommy to fuck her son. She was so loud and she even begged him to fuck her. It was hot listening to John make mommy scream and cum all over him. I was so proud John finally got mommy to fuck him.

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