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I was still dripping wet from my shower but I love to sit naked in my room and air dry. As the cool air hits my dripping pussy I feel a tingle, an urge, a need to touch myself. I pulled open my night stand drawer and picked out the dildo of choice. The vibrations felt so good inside me, I have always loved masturbating with my toys, the deeper the toy slides inside me the more I lose myself in the moment. My moaning must of caught my brother’s attention and on top of it all it was my fault I didn’t shut the door completely. Ready for a hot tale of brother sister incest?

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I always knew my dear brother had a hard on for me. And I saw him through the crack of the door staring like its nothing he’s ever seen before, but I know he watches me all the time and I like it. I call inside me room, “You like what you saw?” “I didn’t see anything” he says. “ Now we both know that’s not true and I think I’m going to tell mom I saw you spying on me naked in bedroom.” Poor brother freaked out and begged to do anything If I just wouldn’t tell. I looked down at his crotch I noticed his hard on right off. “Well looks like you enjoyed watching me.” I grabbed it in my hand and shoved him down on the bed, this time I remembered to close the door all the way.

I unbutton his pants and slide them off of him. And then I climb on top of him, straddle him and shove him inside me. Have you ever tried brother sister incest, its so hot.

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His hands sliding up and down my body, grabbing me like he has never felt ass and tits in his life. His mouth against mine, my pussy grinds down on his cock. “Pull my hair” I tell him. He grabs a handful of my hair and pulls. My young pussy dripping down his cock. Wouldn’t you love to be my brother at that moment. There’s no need in getting jealous we can always do our own brother sister incest role play. I mean, your really missing out if you haven’t fucked your brother or sister. But If your looking for some hot phone sex, kinky role plays, Incest, and Age play you know I’m just a call away. Get fucking hot while listening to girls having sex!

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