Somnophilia is a sexual paraphilia in which sexual arousal is derived from intruding on, caressing, and/or fondling someone while they are asleep without force or violence.

The first time I went out with Pete, he asked me if I’d spend the night.  I told him it was a bit too soon.  We had only really known each other for a couple of hours after being briefly introduced to each other by mutual friends at a party.  I told him that I really never slept with someone on the first date.  This was bullshit, of course but there was something a bit odd about Pete.  At dinner, he stared at me without blinking or looking away for long periods of time and it was starting to become annoying and uncomfortable.  

“No, you misunderstand, Sabrina.  Not for sex.  I really just want you to sleep next to me.”  he explained.

I laughed.  “Okay, so like a sleepover?”

“Yes! Like a sleepover.”  he said, nodding his head enthusiastically.  “We’ll keep all of our clothes on.”  

He finally convinced me and I went to his house for a sleepover.  As promised, he lay in bed next to me and we fell asleep, fully clothed.  

I woke up a couple of hours later, to a dark room, and I heard the distinct sound of a cock being stroked.  I was very familiar with that wet clicking noise.  I lay perfectly still and realized that the sheet I had thrown over me when I went to bed was now pulled off of me.  I was wearing a sundress to dinner and now it was hiked up over my waist, revealing my thong panties.  He was behind me and I was facing away from him, in a semi fetal position so I imagined the view he was getting of my ass was probably spectacular.  I decided to let him enjoy it  and I dozed off again.  

Pete and I dated for a few months and saw each other quite often.  It became a habit for me to sleep over just about every night.  Eventually we progressed in our sexual relationship but not like you might think.  I was never “awake” during any of our sexual acts.  I almost always feigned sleep.  Sometimes he did start to touch me while I was actually asleep but I would pretend not to have woken up.

The first time, he ate my pussy as I “slept”.  I managed to have an orgasm as I “slept” and he simply lay next to me and jerked off as he watched me slumber.  Eventually, this led up to Pete carefully and painfully slowly sliding his cock into my mouth while I snoozed.  He took forever to cum this way because he was so afraid of waking me up, that he would move in and out of me so very slightly.  At times, I was tempted to pull his dick out of my mouth like a cigar, open my eyes and say, “I’m awake, Pete! Just fuck my mouth already!” But I never did.  I let him enjoy his fetish.

There were many sleeping titty fucks, pussy fucks and I even had anal sex while I slept.  A few times he would position my hand over his cock, put his hand over mine and then he would fuck my hand, simulating me giving him a hand job.   

When he wanted to change positions, he moved my body around slowly and carefully and I would hear him breathing hard, focusing so much on not waking up his Sleeping Beauty.  The more time went on, the more impossible it seemed to stop the charade so I never did.  I simply went along with it. 

The way we broke up?  It was pretty tragic, really.  Pete was in car accident and spent three months in a coma.  Ironic, isn’t it?  During those three months, I met and started dating someone else.  Don’t judge me! I need sex, you know?

And NO, I didn’t molest him at the hospital while he was comatose, if you’re wondering.  Not too much, anyway.  

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