How am I keeping myself busy during these long days and nights of social distancing? Well, I did manage to break three, yes three new vibrators in one week! So, needless to say, I am playing with my sex toys a little more than usual. What can I say? Solo sex is fucking hot! Combine my love of fucking, online shopping, and naughty sex toys. In addition to being horny as fuck and forced to take matters into my own hands (pun intended). And you will find me dressed in my risqué lingerie laying spread eagle with my legs bent at the knee. Whether I am enjoying solo sex using just my fingers or a dildo. You can be sure that I am cumming over and over and over!


Stay at Home and Have Solo Sex With a PSK Queen

Imagine as I begin to settle into my bed. I am feeling super sexy in my provocative lingerie. The dim lighting from the candle that I just lit creates dancing shadows along my bedroom walls. My hands are immediately drawn to my tits massaging and squeezing them. Then pinching and pulling on my sensitive nipples. 

Gradually, my hands make their way down my stomach to my pussy mound. My soft satin panties feel so smooth underneath my fingertips as they caress my pussy lips. My body shivers in anticipation. After impatiently waiting for what seems like years, I am about to give myself a mind-blowing orgasm with solo sex! 

Grasping my vibrator in one hand, I gently massage my wand over my longing pussy. The vibrations from my toy tantalize my now throbbing clit. Savory pussy juices dampen my panties as I rub my vibrator harder over my clit. The only thing that will make this solo sex session even better is if you were calling me for mutual masturbation phone sex.


Solo sex with you on the phone is always fucking amazing!

As though you are reading my mind, my phone rings, and I am instantly even more turned on! Solo sex with you on the phone is always fucking amazing! Leaving both of us struggling to breathe after having multiple orgasms. 

Knowing how much your sensual girlfriend loves to be in control, you ask me what you should be doing with your cock. Seductively, I begin giving you jerk off instructions. Listening to your moans of pleasure as you jack off for me is making me even hornier! I slip my panties off and slide two fingers inside my pussy while teasing my clit with the vibrator. 

We are giving each other explicit details of the naughty things that we are doing to ourselves. Talking dirty over the phone with you always intensifies solo sex for us both. However, this time you want to spice things up a bit. Asking if I will watch you jerk off for me, I try (unsuccessfully) to contain my excitement. But, fuck yes! I always love watching you pump that cock for me! 

Solo Sex


Solo Sex Masturbation Game

Watching you stroke your hard dick for me really turns me on. Switching from my fingers, I slide a dildo inside my pussy. Can you hear how wet my pussy is, baby? Moans escape my lips as I fuck my pussy with my dildo. This only makes you crave me even more. You love jerking off while listening to a hot girl masturbating! And you begin moving closer and closer to the edge.

Not wanting you to cum just yet, I suggest that we play a hot masturbation game. With both of us giving the other guided masturbation instructions, we take turns teasing and edging each other. Only this time, I am at a disadvantage. It is even harder for me to control my orgasm because I am playing with my pussy while watching your erotic show. 

 Surprisingly you have another trick up your sleeve. Not only do you want me to fuck my pussy with my dildo while watching you stroke your cock. But you want me to follow your lead too? Fuck! This is going to be really fucking hard. I already have trouble following anyone else’s instructions. And now you want me to let you control my orgasm? 

This is not the solo phone sex that I had in mind earlier but I am always up for a challenge. Let’s fucking do this! Doing as you instruct, I slowly slide my dildo in and out of my pussy. I am getting wetter and wetter as you quicken the pace. Eventually, I am fucking my pussy hard and deep. With each stroke, I am getting closer and my moans louder as I pound my pussy even faster. Finally, my body explodes into euphoric bliss. This was hands down the best solo sex I could have ever imagined!