You work so hard baby and I really hate to see you dealing with so much stress. It is time for me to pamper you. Don’t get me wrong, as much as I love to sensually dominate you. And as selfish as I am when it comes to my orgasms. Ultimately, your happiness means so much to me. You cannot get enough of the flirty texts that we send throughout the day. And the little ways that I let you know that I am thinking of you. But, it just isn’t enough. We both know that what you really need is, me. Your sensual girlfriend is always ready and willing to melt your stress away.


Beaming with excitement I greet you at the door as you come home. I am wearing a sultry, sheer lace royal blue baby doll cami and your eyes are immediately drawn to my hard nipples. The sexy cami is just sheer enough to give you a peek at the matching panties and black garter that I am wearing underneath. My black sheer thigh highs are embellished with royal blue satin bows on my upper thighs. My long legs look exceptionally sexy paired with black and royal blue six-inch high heels. I am noticing you drinking me all in with a look of amazement. As usual, your sexy sensual girlfriend seems to have read your mind and I know exactly what you need!

Your Sensual Girlfriend Caters to Your Naughty Desires

You have been working so many long days and nights lately. You deserve a night just for yourself, with your sensual girlfriend catering to each and every one of your naughty desires. Although, I do love being your pantyhose confession goddess. Tonight, you are in need of my sweet and sensual lovemaking to show you how important you are to me. Wrapping my arms around your neck, you feel my body against yours. Before you can say a word my soft lips touch yours and you feel my tongue slip into your mouth. Realizing how badly you have been missing my touch and my taste, you pull me in closer to you. The stress you have been under begins to melt away as the bulge in your pants continues to grow.



Giving you a flirtatious wink and a sly grin, I grab your hand and lead you inside. As soon as the door closes, your senses heighten as you escape with your sensual girlfriend into our secret erotic world. Quickly undressing you, I trace my fingertips along your earlobe. My delicate touch is both calming and stimulating. Soothing away every last bit of anxiety yet arousing parts of you in a way that only I can.


Let’s Escape Into Our Secret Erotic World

You breathe in deeply as I am slowly making my way down your neck before resting my palms on your broad shoulders. Massaging away the tension in your shoulders I can feel your throbbing cock pushing against my stomach. My pussy is wet and yearning for you. Staring into your eyes, I wrap my hands around your thick rod and slowly stroke my hands up to your sensitive head. 


Suddenly I am pouncing onto you. I wrap my legs around your waist and push you onto your back. I straddle your hips as I gently nibble on your ear before kissing my way to your lips. Your pulsing dick presses against my now soaking wet panties and I cannot help but grind my yearning pussy against it. Feeling how badly your sensual girlfriend is craving you, you slide my panties to the side before wrapping your strong arms around my waist. I moan loudly as you rub your cock against my pussy lips, teasing me. 


Sitting upright, I feel you shove your way deep inside me while your grip around my waist tightens. With each thrust, you are pushing your way deeper into me. And my pussy welcomes every inch. Your face is buried in my tits as you are licking, sucking, and nibbling on my nipples. Hungry hands explore the soft curves of my perfectly tight and toned body. My pussy is getting wetter and wetter while my body starts to tremble. Sensing my climax your dick swells with excitement as I whisper softly in your ear, “cum for me”. 

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