Looking for the best social distancing playtime? You’re not alone!

A social distancing playtime plan; sounds weird, right? However, many people are grappling with feeling disconnected right now. Everybody’s bored, frustrated, and stressed out. After all, most of us are stuck at home with very little to do. Even more challenging is the fact that you’re practically having to distance yourself from the entire world.

What’s a horny person to do? I have a solution for you. Social distancing playtime!

You need to talk to your favorite hot young grad student, of course! Whether you need a secret, quick release, or some college girl GFE, I’ve got you covered. What is GFE, you ask?

For those of you who are new to the concept, GFE = Girlfriend Experience. Although your Wicked Angel is your favorite kinky phone sex goddess, that’s just one facet of my personality. Sometimes what you really need is someone to talk to, am I right? However, let’s not forget:

Your social distancing playtime plan definitely should include SEX!

Well, duh. Obviously, social connection is very important, especially during these crazy, chaotic times. It shouldn’t surprise you that I’m suggesting S-E-X, right? Although my suggestion may seem counterintuitive or even dangerous at the moment, getting your rocks off is absolutely crucial for your mental and physical health.

Sex is good for you and should be an important part of your social distancing playtime plan, don’t you think? Even under unique circumstances such as these, there are safe ways to get your needs met. In other words, you’re seeking a hot release (or several, why settle on just one?) with ALL of the perks and NONE of the risks.

To clarify, you need someone who can connect with you on all levels, not just sexually. You’re looking for a virtual companion with whom you can share the details of your day.

Even better, imagine an uninhibited girlfriend who’s craving the opportunity to take care of ALL of your needs without ANY strings.

Sounds good, doesn’t it? Another key point to remember is that all of your secrets are safe with me. Furthermore, I’m trained to maintain the strictest standards of privacy. Do you have deep desires and no one with whom to discuss and explore them?

Conversely, perhaps you’d like to tell me all about your real-time girlfriend or wife. Maybe you two need a social distancing playtime plan. In fact, I’d love to hear all the things you’re aching to do with her (and with me!).

Just need to chat? Call me just to de-stress after a long week. We can discuss whatever’s on your mind.

Those of you who have already spoken with me know that I’m warm and personable. Equally important, I am able to converse intelligently about a variety of subjects. A college girl who just completed her Master’s degree in psychology and is now working on her doctorate, I also can be a listening ear and sounding board for whatever life concerns you might currently be grappling with.

Do you simply need to unplug for a little while? We all do. Indeed, everyone is searching for relief from all the ongoing stress out there.

Are you craving a social distancing playtime plan, a connection with someone who cares and understands what you’re going through right now?

Perhaps you’re looking to chat *and* play. Now that you’ve let off some steam by talking about whatever’s on your mind, we can easily do both. Are you craving sensuous, passionate lovemaking? Or, got kinks? Me too! We can explore anything you wish, so look no further;  your sexy virtual girlfriend is here!

Looking for someone who will put you FIRST, without any of the complications you may be experiencing with the people and situations in your life? The most important thing to remember is that this is YOUR special time and I am all yours.

Your social distancing playtime plan: No obligations here, only pleasure and utter satisfaction.

Get what you need. Right here, RIGHT NOW. Call my phone sex hotline to experience the ultimate in adult chat and extreme, no limits roleplay!

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