This may come off to most as odd or weird or whatever noun you might use for sniffing a fine woman’s ass or pussy. I for one had a call that even left me wanting this person to take a whiff of my yummy asshole. Sniffing can be more then just putting your nose to a nice ass. So here is how it went!

I straddled his lap and we kissed deeply. I could feel his hands grabbing and tugging at my bare ass. His fingers touched the outer part of my sweaty rose hole. I could feel his cock pressing against my wet pussy. I pushed back against him and deepened my kiss. He laid me down and nuzzled my ass. You could hear that creamy wet noise echo. His nose dipped and rubbed. He loved the smell. When he licked he used him nose in my pussy. Lots of pleasure!

Gawd that tongue could push deep inside of me. He spit into my hole and pulled me back on top of him. I always did the guiding. I took his finger and let him touch my wet hole and feel it expand around his cock. Every now and again he would lick his fingers to taste my juice.

Once he brought my to orgasm about he slowly pulled out. My asshole gaped open. He pushed his tongue deeper inside me. He jerked off to sniffing my asshole. He was ready to cum. He pushed my legs back and poured his load onto me. He licked every drop off and then kissed me so I could have a taste…



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