I’ve never met you before tonight. That’s perfect, baby. Let’s have wild, sneaky public sex!

Last year, my friends and I went to see Cardi B and The Weeknd perform live downtown at Gila River Arena. The stadium floor was packed with what seemed like a million people, everybody dancing as we jammed to the utterly dope tunes. Suddenly, I felt someone palming my hips as we moved together to the beat. Although I didn’t know who it was, his large, warm hands felt awesome. Could this concert become my first, sneaky public sex encounter?

From his heady masculine scent and the sensation of a telltale hardness brushing against my pert, college girl ass, it was obvious that the person touching me was male. However, the crowd was too close to allow me to turn around.  It does make for one of the Best Sex Stories.

As The Weekend blasted into his Grammy-winning track “Blinding Lights,” the dude groping me wasted no time. Matter of fact, he immediately slid his palms up my body beneath my concert tee, cupping and massaging my firm, rounded tits. By the time his sizzling touch registered, he was already gently tweaking my tingling, erect pink nipples.

Startled but aroused, I gasped, glancing around to see if anyone was paying attention to this sneaky public sex display.

Be that as it may, the people all around us were so focused on the stage that no one seemed to notice. The sounds of music and people partying were so loud that I doubted anyone could hear us anyway. He was a complete stranger, but I didn’t care. Remember the amazing, forced sex experience I’d had? All things considered, this was even hotter!

Anyway, where were we? Oh yes; meanwhile, my young, tight bald pussy began to throb HARD. Of course, I was so excited that I’d already completely soaked my lacy panties.

One of his strong hands found its way under my micro-mini skirt. Tantalizingly slowly, the man’s clever fingers slipped into my wet panties. Next, those questing digits quickly found my swollen, excited clit, then stayed still for a moment.

Ooooh fuck, I am SO turned on right now. Please don’t stop, whoever you are!

After what seemed like forever, he finally began playing with my juicy fruit, his fingertips moving over my clitty in slow, lazy circles. Sneaky public sex truly is one of my FAVORITE ways to play, baby! I bit my lip, not really trying that hard to contain my moans of pleasure. Hot breath puffing against my neck, I felt his teeth nip at my earlobe, tugging at my flesh.

Instinctively, I arched my back, whimpering hungrily as I rocked my hips backward in attempts to rub my needy cunt against the thick, rigid fuck stick that he’d somehow freed from his jeans without my noticing. Growling under his breath, he pushed aside my drenched bikini panties and …

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