Best Sex Stories: Ringing In 2018 With A BANG! Or is that “Banging in 2018?” Mmm, let’s bang all year long. Good idea, glad you thought of it!

The holidays were crazy and 2017 is finally over. Accordingly, are you ready to BANG in 2018? Yes, that’s right. I didn’t say ring. To emphasize, I said BANG. In other words, I’m in the mood to blow your fucking mind!

In light of that, have you thought about your resolutions for the next year? I know I have. It’s time for changes and fresh starts, don’t you think? Moreover, it’s time to stop dreaming. Let’s start living!

For instance, you know all those nasty little fantasies you’ve never told anyone? Shhh, it’s okay.  With this in mind, tell me your secret. I *promise* I won’t tell anyone, baby. Are you my boyfriend, my neighbor, my sissy, my slave, a family friend, the priest, my cuckolded older hubby, my professor, my brother, or even my daddy? Is it a taboo phone sex desire?

Best Sex Stories: Tell me about all those urges you’ve been having, lover. You know, those thoughts that make you rock hard at the most inappropriate times and in -all- the wrong places.

At your desk in the office. While snuggling with your wife or girlfriend in front of the TV. During the daily commute. Or … omg (excuse the pun) … in church? Mmm, what a delicious perv you are!

Oh yes, that’s right. In fact, those make for some of the best sex stories ever! Go ahead, tell me something you’ve never revealed to anyone. You know what it is. I’m your kinky life coach, your confessor. you can tell me.

Indeed, I can tell you’re unbearably hard right now. It’s true, you’re aching to tell me. I can feel it. By all means, call and confess those needs to me. Explicitly, this will be our dirtiest, best phone sex secret!

With an uninhibited, anything-goes, endlessly imaginative mind like mine and your hunger, paired with your insatiable desire to let it all go and just fly with me, just think of all the amazingly hot places we can go together!

Of course, what happens next is up to you; call your Wicked Angel for the Ultimate in Hot Adult Chat!

Your Wicked Angel Phone Sex



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